Friday 1 August 2014

What do the leaders need more - Mental or Emotional intelligence?

A leader with a five on five in IQ (Mental Capacity) and lower emotional intelligence score is often found to compensate for this deficiency in more ways than one. He is either dependent on his intellect, its logical inferences alone for his success or he attempts to drive a point owing to his current or former position, regardless of its impact on people. Such leaders who have chalked out every plan and strategy based on mental intelligence alone lose out on the huge advantage social sensitivity and effective communication with others could bring on the table.

It is important that leaders develop that acute sense of timing and social appropriateness, be aware of them selves, their style of communication, their weaknesses, not just express their opinion but respect differences. Being analytic, logical and assessing every angle purely based on reasoning is just half the known world of business. The other half is people’s motivation, learning mechanism and combined synergies.

A leader’s intellectual stimulation could be derived from multiple sources however without an equal measure of emotional competence, he cannot really deliver a standout performance. And the only source to develop that intelligence is to make small efforts to know people, understand them better. A leader has to develop other dimensions of his capacities – to go beyond just thinking with the mind, as people are not likely to remember how much a leader thought about your plan or strategy, they will only remember how he made them feel – important, ignored, dumb or whatever. It works wonders if leaders can anticipate those little things while making their presentations and addressing that as well to respect other’s sensitivity and in the exercise, reflect his own.

To develop strong emotional intelligence is one of the greatest challenges organizations face at all levels and intelligent idividuals when they fail to realize why inspite of all the right scores, they are lagging behind. That is the first step that a leader with poor EQ needs to be aware - that something is missing in his personality traits. Once he knows why he needs to develop emotional intellgence he will automatically prioritize what he needs to do, how he needs to drive himself, and how he can be more empathetic and polish his social skills.

BECKON model is used in one to one sessions with leaders, owners of small and medium based enterprises to chalk out a road map and assist them build that edge, exercise their emotional intelligence more often. Most leaders will continue to think their failures are just due to communication problem, negotiation issues, domain knowledge unless they run through BECKON questionnaire.

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