Wednesday 28 January 2015

How Did Your Sales Review Go This Quarter?

If you do not have an immediate answer to this question as there are too many open ended factors and dependencies to give a definite response, the sales review was like always – Predictable.

As a sales lead, if you think the sales team has issues either in closing deals, or building relationships, or influencing key decision makers or making that effective sales call or not thorough with product knowledge, serious attitude and skill concerns and you see a need to train the resources appropriately, run past that thought through this filter:

How do you manage your sales force?
How do your measure your sales force?
How to increase the morale of your sales force?
How does your company handle the sales learning curve?

If you adopt BECKON model to bridge the gap in sales training, the initial interaction with our client will have these fundamental questions which you will have to answer in detail before we build the content or design the module for sales effectiveness.

Only training, powerpoint based download is just 'English' if it does not fit in your current business environment.

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