Wednesday 13 January 2016

Free Training Cannot be a Business Model #Mindsets

I have facilitated trainings for years – product trainings, leadership trainings, function and role based training, workshops on quality guidelines however I have never designed or developed a learning program end to end, though I always knew I can. I will learn what is necessary to deliver.

So, a few months back when the CEO of a coaching company based in US wanted me to design their key program to launch their business, I shot a very basic quote because I was doing it for the first time and did not want to jeopardize their business take off. I am sharing a screenshot of that quote just to show how unpolished I was.

Quotation for Program Design

In fact I actually offered him a little extra – a call script for free – because I seriously wanted to test my abilities in designing the program.

This blog is obviously not to brag about myself but to drive a point. It is this buyer who first mentioned about including a slide on Fixed and Growth Mindset. I must admit I never knew about Carol Dweck before that. Now I know why I had that belief that I will learn what it takes to deliver - That is growth mindset.

Though I know Training people for free can never be a business model however as part of our NGO, when I deliver free coaching sessions to people who really need to up skill themselves to survive, sustain or succeed in life, many a times I see no change in their behavior or attitude for weeks together.

Initially I thought they probably have no urge to learn because they are not paying for it. It is only after my interaction with this buyer that I learnt there is something called fixed mind sets.

Take the test below to find out what kind of mind set you have. 

Fixed versus Growth Mindset

It can be extremely harmful if you are in denial of your fixed-mindset characteristics.

Can fixed mind sets be changed to growth mind sets? I will address this in another blog soon.


Carol Dweck

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