Wednesday 4 January 2017

Gig Economy: How Does Your Online Presence Impact Your Sales?

Your online presence is your brand.

Let us take just a quick look at a few forums you think you are active and participating regularly. (Actually, you are not)


When you upload 197 photos of your recent trip to Thailand, the green grass there included and the blue sky, what are others thinking about you?

That is some sincere reporting to Zuckerberg - How do they manage time to upload 197 pictures?

Vanity metrics –The count of likes and comments gives a high – How self- absorbed is that?

Your joblessness is for everyone to see - You upload and then thank each one of them individually – Is there nothing else to do?

Your need for external validation to feel important – How does it matter to anyone what you eat in Thailand and the crockery you used? Has self-esteem gone for a ride?

Takeaway: The point is - what you do in Thailand does not matter, what you do in Facebook matter to people who intend to hire your services.

If I were a buyer, I would think twice, doubt the individual's maturity wondering how can this person deliver my complex project if these are his/her priorities?


You created a profile in this professional network when the dinosaur lived and then forgot all about it as you were extremely busy after that – with Facebook and Snap chat.

As a fresher, you have nothing much to add here and as an experienced resource, you cannot figure out how to stop – Both are potentially dangerous in this era where attention span is the biggest challenge.

Takeaway: Cut content and be crisp so that the target audience get the right messages and can gauge your capability.


I guarantee you this – there is still considerably a large population out there who has no idea and is clueless what to do with their Twitter account

They have created a profile because they thought it was something similar to Face book and they are missing being trendy. Some just add followers and follow their heartthrobs without the faintest idea about the power of Twitter in branding and business

Takeaway: Twitter is not Facebook. Learn what to do with it that can brand you well in a global platform


Some use Quora for these

How does it feel to make Crores before you are 23 years old?
How to gauge gold diggers from non-gold diggers?

What is your first opinion about the people who have these questions - Juvenile, immature, curious or plain time wasters.

You also have serious ones like these

Is Qnet a Scam?

What are your questions and expert/ experience responses on this platform? The categories define you.

Takeaway: Genuine questions and genuine responses make you a reliable resource.


It is expensive. That is history. You can always begin with a blog spot or word press

Website is not an extension of your Resume. It is not the sum total of all your roles. It is you as a person and professional, your services and your portfolio, your capability and your thoughts, your causes and outcomes.

Takeaway: This is your key marketing tool.

What is  your online reputation  or social media score today?

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