Tuesday 28 February 2017

Opportunity Presentation

I support startups across globe with a range of services - content strategy, social media plan, business plan, pitch decks, sales and solution presentation, coaching first time entrepreneurs, storyboards for video and website critical review. 

I also assist training companies with content for learning modules, training curriculum, e-books based on adult learning theories

I provide these services across geography and industry. My Clients are from Australia, US, Indonesia, UAE, Germany, UK, Jordan, Canada, Egypt and also India. 

Some of the testimonials are here

That "I" has recently turned to "We". I could never attempt to take bigger and ongoing projects for want of a team. Things have changed now. People who have bought the Beginner's Guide to establish their online income, now support me in my assignments. With baby steps they are on their way to build their confidence to deal with clients independently.

It is a win win situation. 

I can now lead projects with a virtual team across two cities, front end the client and use their assistance for back end research. In the process they are trained to source their own client, follow instructions and deliver to international clients while identifying their own skills. 

They deliver from the comfort of their own homes, connect with me on SKYPE and what is more, they will get paid too for their assistance.

They learn from a live project (We are now working for a Nevada Client)
They are appreciated for good work 
They are reprimanded if they depend too much for instructions 

The back bone of all this is the Beginner's Guide and I am hoping I can use some more assistance in near future.

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