Monday 10 April 2017

This Trend Is Here To Stay - Are You Ready?

I am so close to going for the full-time job, particularly when you have the same company coming back to you at regular intervals, with different roles and different packages. Seriously I am not sure, if it is my capability that they need or my profile just happens to pop up in their search engines. I am not in senior management league, so this repeated inbox attempts are beyond me actually and quite flattering.
After I quit the BPO environment and a full year’s sabbatical, my scope of work and work style has changed drastically – I support startups now with content strategy, website review and content building, coach entrepreneurs across globe, coach people establish alternative incomes from home, design learning modules, prepare story board for ad films or competitive analysis for new startups and the kind.
I know I am being repetitive about my current work scope in most of my blogs – how else can I explain how I am using what I learnt in my corporate career in doing what I am doing today.
Process Quality - With a two month stint in San Antonio, Texas
Managing operations – Service levels and people management
Leadership Training – Invitation from learning and development team
Audit – Internally certified
Bid Management – With multiple stakeholders
Pre Sales Support – That brings in multi-year contracts
Transition Management – That brings in revenue
Export and Import - In Export and Engineering firms
Sales – High value products and services in courier and office automation firms

Why I cannot possibly do a full time job again?
My work style is work anywhere 12 hours per week. I just work on one assignment for a week or so. I am glued to the gadgets, active on social media however real work is just a couple of hours a day.
Learning Scope
The variety of work I do here is cerebraly very stimulating. It expands my understanding about so many industries and keeps me miles away from familiarity and boredom– Sponsorship proposal for a music band, setting up a bio diesel plant in Ghana, business plans for wearable or coaching company – I have done them all in years’ time
One of my clients in Bangalore wanted me to visit his office for a training assignment. That was three years back. I am waiting for him to create a SKYPE account to discuss the needs. Four hours travel time (to and fro) for discussion – Which era are we?
I remember a few years back, creating a deck for a senior leader’s presentation to Indian Banking Association. It was thought through story board with five slides and then I had to make five versions of that deck based on the changes he wanted. Finally, it was first version that was presented.
Today I charge $20 for a single slide – one shot delivery without a single revision. My point is when you ask for change, beat the rationale first.

When I get job inquiries from firms and consultants now, my standard check list they need to fulfill is
ü  Part time
ü  Contractual
ü  12 Hours per week
ü  Remote work
ü  Telecommute
ü  I will continue to serve my other clients across the globe
Corporate is like a college laboratory. If your entire work life is limited there, you have not really explored your true potential and the infinite possibilities. 
Mature companies will soon identify the advantages of this work arrangement - hiring an expert based on need and the considerable savings they can make by utilizing the field experts without having to pay them full time. 
When this trend catches momentum, it is here to stay.
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