Monday 19 March 2018

Are You Future Ready? Are You Global Ready?

How many of you want to know more, learn more and apply more of these?

  1. Big Data
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Business Analysis
  5. Deep Learning
  6. Android/iOS Development
  7. Web Development
  8. Digital Marketing
  9. Artificial Intelligence
  10. Self-driving car
  11. Virtual Reality
  12. Robotics
  13. Internet of Things
  14. Drones
  15. Flying Cars

How do you feel when you watch a group having a high tempo discussion on the above topics?

Left out?
Wish you knew more?
Why bother? Will it affect me?

Most of my waking hours, I try to know more about platforms, websites and portals that offer courses on these - MOOCs?

Many others do the exact same exercise in a slightly different manner – They explore courses on these subjects offered by different institutions, read reviews, testimonials, check placements and strengthen the standard herd mind set.

The challenge is, regardless of the route you take to learn something new, the enabler your choose (Institution or Technology) you have two big questions hovering in your mind –

1.   Will I be able to make good use of it in future?
2.   Will I at least be able to recover the amount I invested in learning this?

The application we are planning to develop is mainly to addresses, these two questions very effectively

Sure you can, that is why we will have a coach to intervene in these areas and more verticals/ horizontals. Based on the support you need, if it is just learning or achieving outcomes through what you learn, you pick your quote. Recovery of investment is sure shot as you will get internship opportunities, sub contractual assignments under the supervision of the coach while you are being prepared to execute projects for global clients independently.

That is the mantra we are chanting now: Learn. Earn. Teach. Earn in one platform.

We are looking for a technical co-founder to look after/ look over end to end development of this app. Give us a shout here, if you know anyone

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