Sunday 6 July 2014

Learning: Cynically yours,

'Every fired, tired and retired person is a trainer today. 

Every middle manager who could not make it to the top or even if he did, could not stick there for too long or did a career mistake is a consultant. Every under performer who was part of a behavioral or disciplinary action plan quit to massage his  bruised ego and begin freelancing in the name of being your own boss.'

Indeed that is the cynical 'You'  speaking.

'It is his sycophancy that  got him the promotion, not quantifiable results. I am more hardworking than he ever was, more sincere, more open to learning, more flexible and yet he gets the limelight.'

That is because he is not too busy thinking about you, but his own work scope. He is not saturated about what all he is good at, he knows the areas he needs to work on and improve rather than regard his one time super performance over another person's consistency and potential.  That itself is a behavior worth promoting, regardless of how he slipped in a particular project or ill managed a client escalation with minor impact.  The very  fact that he sees the reality the way it is and not the way he  wants to, is good enough reason to set him apart  from the rest of the clan.

What seems sycophancy to you is actually that person's very nature that he cannot be critical and often ends up looking at a person's or situation's positive attributes and most often appreciates it wholeheartedly.  

Who can escape a genuine appreciation? 

No wonder people automatically drift towards him.  

How can you ignore that talent in people to see through a person's bright spot hidden in layers of negative energies? 

That is a  learning and it is not natural always. It  has to be nurtured to perfection so that it is as good as your nature. 

Seriously,  that never happens overnight.  It takes years to polish that art. Just that for the young chap who got the promotion,  limelight, reward or whatever, that very art of giving simple  dozes of genuine appreciation comes to him naturally, effortlessly which only adds to his own personal brand and credibility.

'He is never on his chair, never speaks a word in the meetings, never shares an idea and never contradicts his boss.' 

Is this about him anymore? It is all about you that you miss reality most of the time due to your tunnel vision and unfortunately you are yet to know that.

BECKON is a learning and coaching framework that allows you to bring that much needed clarity not just in thinking but in your belief system.

The only qualifying criterion after preliminary assessments is your interest in your own professional and personal well being, independent of your bias, prejudices and conditioning.  A person can be exceptionally bright in work and happy with what he does,  provided that little shift in paradigm or belief is consciously done. BECKON with its 21 day rule and agreed nesting period assists in that inward journey.

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