Wednesday 3 December 2014

Are You Spiritually Aware?

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In BECKON learning model designed for individuals, the Qualifying Questionnaire is to test if a resource is open to learn (Eligibility), has potential to learn (Ability) and the will to apply learning (Stability).

One of the questions is about spiritual awareness, which seems so irrelevant in a professional qualifying questionnaire. So far the responses I received was always “Yes” and the interpretation of the question was one of the following or perhaps a combination of these.

It is about believing in God or Supreme power, about faith, about being spiritual beings on a human journey or being humans on a spiritual journey, about Self Awareness, about being aware of your higher self, about igniting your dormant inner energy, the radiance of minds that is above matter, about prayers, about higher energy, about idols, about God men, about Messiahs, about belief system, about meditation, about soul consciousness above body consciousness, about divinity, about Dharma and Karma or about natural and universal laws. The list continues.

The only reason behind including this in the questionnaire is to gather insight about your intent to learn. You can successfully learn even if your physical intelligence (Body), emotional intelligence (Heart), mental intelligence (Head) fails you however if you are spiritually (Soul) stunted – there can be no learning or change in demeanor. And spiritual awareness is just to ask yourself those fundamental questions: Who you are? Where you want to go? Why you want to do what you want to do? What next?

You need external training or mentoring only because your belief system, your thoughts, your words and your actions are not in alignment. Being spiritually aware is just to find your center of pursuit.

Will you try to sail a boat when it is windy and the ocean is turbulent? Can you? To ensure smooth and seamless transition of learning, if your system requires purging, so be it. If you ask me why you failed in business, why you missed that promotion, why you lost a dream opportunity – just let me know in detail what exactly were you thinking prior to that? List those thoughts down and mail me and receive an insight, you never knew existed.

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