Saturday 27 December 2014

When You Drive Outcomes, The Key Factor is "Time" Taken for Results.

When you define outcomes to be achieved set criteria to measure - it is not activity but productivity that counts.

When you drive outcomes through training, marketing or any other campaign, there has to be flexibility in how the resources are guided towards outcomes. Learning is through multiple channels and not just power point slides or a heavy doze of online mentoring and a list of "Dos" and "Donts". Training is ongoing even outside the training environment. All measures that lead to the outcome is learning for both the participant and facilitator.

A road map is created for each respondent (Individual or Organization) who qualifies in BECKON questionnaire and training support is ongoing for the entire nesting period till business outcome (Revenue) or personal outcome (Rewards) is achieved.

What if results are not achieved within the agreed time frame - 100% Training fee will be refunded after the nesting period - no questions asked.

In the 4D Model (Demand-Design-Deliver-Deliverable), we commit results within two quarters in most cases post training delivery, This however depends upon the insights we draw during Training Need Analysis or when we validate training needs recommended by different business units and the outcomes they are looking for.

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