Monday 6 April 2015

Can You Train Or Coach Someone With Victim Mentality Attitude?

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I am not sure, if the words 'Mentality' and 'Attitude' can go together. Anyways.

The very first criteria of BECKON learning strategy is to assess an individual's current capability before chalking out learning road map and signing off desirable outcomes, they plan to achieve. As coaching consultants, you will face huge challenge if your resource is one with "Victim Mentality"

It is incredibly easy to identify a person with victim mentality as their characteristics are so prominent that you can spot them miles away. We figure out during Q and A and face to face session. The saddest part is they have the faintest clue of it.

Is it a personality trait or an identity? That seriously depends on how chronic the case is.

These people tend to regard himself or herself as a victim of the negative actions of others. They will speak exactly in that language as if that was the truth, even if there is no way to verify it and there is no evidence. It is a habitual thought process and quite naturally dominates their language, imagination and energy levels.

What language patterns will you observe to immediately draw your conclusions: How much time will you need to train those thought patterns? Will you need a complete era or three lifetime? Probably not!

When you know it is the language patterns that govern people's victim mentality - That is your first remedy zone.

You will hear a series of negatives - about what wasn't, what isn't, what won't, continuous projection how someone or something outside is responsible for their thoughts, feelings and destiny. The final hint is their soft language - what they doubt, why they delay and what worries them. 

None of these empower them and as a result they have a tough time trusting themselves and making decisions simply because it is their language that controls their feelings and their actions. Why do they speak this language because they are habitually trained by themselves to think like that?

Here are Cathy's lines:

I hope I don't get tongue tied today. This interview is very important

If you constantly visualize getting tongue tied, how confident would you feel? You are destined towards jeopardy.

I was late last time for an interview because I met this old friend and he went on and on 

Certainly not her fault who forgot to tell him that she is on her way for an interview and will catch up later.

The more you know about the language, the more you can easily avoid it and the coach just acts like sensors, to assist them be on track, with the right language first that can re train their thought process.

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