Wednesday 8 April 2015

Old Proverb Made New – Self Help Is Not Always Best Help

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Everyone is trying to secure a spot for himself - either with their natural talents or with skills they acquire from various sources and experiences. Continuous learning to keep pace with this dynamic environment is not a matter of choice any more - It is a necessity.

Does learning match the speed of change? How do people learn? Is there always a need for a mentor or an institution to learn something new?

Did your parents foresee this challenge when you were a child? Did teachers train you on how to learn things on your own? Did they make you aware that you will need to adapt without external interference and advice?

As children, if you were not allowed to discover your potential by stirring your interest, passion, curiosity – if you never had the opportunity to self-learn, as adults, this will be your only reason to fail in coping with learning needs. The dependency on others to learn is not a trait but just a habit.  

Being self-taught is often an unconscious ability and it can become your second nature and as effortless as breathing if you have an inclination to absorb things in your own creative way and try it out in a more optimized manner – purely by your own motivation and imagination. If the young days were full of guided learning without the slightest effort to do things in your own way, there is very little chance that you will know or try a better way of doing it now – easier and effective - when you are old enough to deliver and not just try.

When a mind is already hooked to any activity because it holds their curiosity, they have very little or almost no inclination to follow instructions and it is their imagination, that inherent competent desire, the freedom to try - that brings amazing learning and in depth understanding  to the table.

Guidance from training consultants should merely be a word of caution – not a full-fledged training session -just in case learner is distracted from learning goals, over a period of time. It is not just about making learning a self-initiated process but observing without constant involvement – if the ability unfolds to its full potential and gets repeated in other areas of learning.

Training consultant also need to ensure, the infant steps and little efforts to learn by themselves are not influenced by prevailing social belief system - as the biggest challenge for an adult mind is not engage in self-learning mechanism but to let go of age old habits, eternal dependency and that huge need for confirmation from everyone else – if the progress is not quantifiable, there is an instant disconnect, he is suddenly snapped out and everything he was doing suddenly is drained out from his thought process.

What many did not do as a child is part of BECKON Coaching framework – Self-help will not be the best education if those early years’ practice to learn on your own was missing – Let’s get started now.

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