Monday 2 May 2016

The Saga of Layoffs

In the medical world, amputation - that is loss of a body part is one last option that is exercised when no other alternative is available and this drastic step is primarily to save life as that is most important under any circumstances – A human life.

In the corporate world, pay-cut, sudden transfers, layoff in phases, letting go off experienced resources or inexperienced fresher in the name of cost cut and poor business performance, challenging individual abilities outside comfort zone is a similar cry for a company’s survival. If X% is not out, 100% can be at stake.

What options do you have being at the receiver’s end?

Jump off the Titanic

The structured lay off after futile efforts by Human Resource to fit you in different departments/ locations might just be your only opportunity to get off the Titanic

If you are an average performer - you know why you are on that first list. If there is no rescue coming for Titanic (read revenue) you can be very sure even the best performers will be on one of those lists soon. So use this option as your life boat to float to safer zones with severance packages and other funds.

Are you an asset or Liability?

As long as you are generating revenue, part of profit making mechanism, billed to client, responsible for sales you will be an asset. Your turn is after the liabilities (support roles) are axed.

It is your call if you want to seek internal job options and remain floating in same waters or test waters elsewhere

Is it your merit or management?

Individual merits are not considered when it is a strategic management decision to layoff. Often when the media reports regarding acquisitions and mergers, overlapping and redundant roles is an inevitable consequence.

The market and your potential employers know why you are seeking change even without you spelling out that the organization is being re-structured. They are aware it is not about your merit (even if you have always been an average performer) but victim of a large scale damage control.

This week, I chose to write on this topic because I had multiple calls from different quarters and different cities on this very issue – seeking advice. I found the most efficient resources lose their calm, doubt their competencies, get apprehensive of job market and affect their decision making.

Dig well when you are not thirsty.

  •  Acquire new skills to stay relevant in work market. 
  • Build a six month financial buffer for such a contingency.
  • Test new skills in multiple platforms and portals to establish an alternative income stream

Based on BECKON Framework, the evaluation and learning road map are first to support your outcomes (income stream) and then assist you to transfer that to others, if you want to scale and build an enterprise or brand as an independent BECKON coach


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