Sunday 17 April 2016

BECKON is Learning driven, not Coaching driven.

The competitive edge is not in the idea but in execution 
What is the Idea?

The aim is to change the future of training and answer that long pending question - on return on investment with a new definition.
Evaluate the pool of soft skill trainers, professional training companies, the motivational speakers, the Neuro Linguistic Program specialists, the technical trainers, the institutes who charge a fortune for PMP, Six Sigma and the hundreds of e-learning firms with over a thousand modules.

Nobody owns outcomes, just the function

That can be our business: To fill this gap! 

Training is not fashion, charity and entertainment and without measurable outcomes, training is just that.

Why do we need to do this?
We should not be in this because coaching is a trillion dollar industry, as it is recession less and the market is huge. Housekeeping staff and CEO, a spastic child or care giver of a Dementia patient – everyone needs to learn something new.
  • That is our first bet – Most of us don’t know how badly we need to learn and not just be trained.
  • We assess if training is required, and assess again if there was learning. 
  • If there is no change in outcome, there is no learning.
  • That is our new definition of training/ coaching: 

Achieve Personal and Business Outcomes and Quantify 

Have we conceptualized any Model/ Framework/ Methodology?

BECKON is an outcome driven learning model that is built on Demand – Design – Delivery – Deliverable concept. We validate the demand following a target based strategy before we sign off outcomes to deliver within a definite time frame. 

The framework is around:
  • Eligibility (Openness to learn)
  • Ability (Potential to learn) 
  • Stability (Apply learning to achieve outcomes).
Demand Discovery or Due Diligence is a 20 Hour paid assignment. This can vary subject to learning and project gaps. A large portion of the learning cycle is outcome based pricing.

Based on BECKON Framework, the evaluation and learning road map are first to support your outcomes (income stream) and then assist you to transfer that to others, if you want to scale and build an enterprise or brand as an independent BECKON coach

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