Friday 17 June 2016

Freelancing Kit: How To Increase Your Online Income From A Few Cents To A Few Hundred Dollars

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The flow chart is predictable. It is not about people's ignorance or intelligence. It is definitely not about their experience or exposure. It is only about their financial goals and the way most of them are conditioned to think about creating assets. 

It is the way their minds are programmed by their education, environment, job, need, aspiration that will determine which path they will go and when they will switch paths.

Zero Skill Income

Those who intend to make a few extra bucks to pacify mere consumerism instincts (mostly buying products with high depreciating value) will be willing to do paid surveys, view advertisements  to earn a few dollars. 

If they remain stuck to these low paying portals without exploring high paying online opportunities, its their loss.

I had to explore these sites to be able to include content and options for Senior Learning and earning. I recommend beginners (regardless of age) who have panic shots of insecurity at the very thought of laptop lifestyle without paychecks to begin doing mini tasks first.

This builds their habit of logging in on a daily basis, test waters first hand before they ruminate on skills they have, to try for better opportunities and build long term business relationships

You will be surprised to find how many people stare blank at you when you ask them:

What are your top three skills?

I know the reaction and their responses, because that is the first question I ask before they join my program

Skill Based Income

People who intend to replace their pay check with online earnings within a definite time frame look at this platform with more strategic interest and intense planning. These are the ones who have financial milestones to achieve.

To know how to choose skills to offer as service click here

The surest way to aim for those milestones is to use one or more of these:

I  Trade one skill to multiple buyers/ different audience

The standard thinking is to give your time, skills to one large corporation for a pay check or set up a company to give your time, product to a specific target audience for single stream of revenue.

That needs to change. Every one is your customer


You did a 12 slide power point presentation for the Sales Review meeting yesterday and you are currently working on a 40 slider. There is one more due on Monday which means working weekends 

How about charging $15 for a one slide with content and talking points (research included) for three such decks for three clients this month?

II  Acquire new skills for better market capture subject to what you like to do and does not feel like work 


You must have heard a thousand times before that you sound great over the phone - It is time to do something about it now. Lend your voice to all those business videos, e-learning modules, explainer videos.

III  Coaching is two times learning


If  you took 3 months to do your  first thousand dollars, the one you coach should be able to do it in one third time because you are protecting them from all the mistakes you did. That is a quick recap for your own learning.

IV  E-Book/ Blog  is a medium that generates revenue for you even when you are not using your skills everyday.

I am often asked how can one earn a couple of thousand dollars online. That is for another blog

Let the unlearning process begin.

Based on BECKON Framework, the evaluation and learning road map is first to support your outcomes (income stream) and then assist you to transfer that to others, if you want to scale and build an enterprise or brand as an independent BECKON coach

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