Thursday 9 June 2016

What Is Your Learning Road Map?

I recently had this engaging experience – an opportunity to interact with two seniors attempting to learn something new – This was part of an initiative that I was planning to launch this year for Senior Learning on behalf of Ramosara Foundation, an NGO I am associated with to create awareness on Dementia and support caregivers.
I was doing this at no cost, to understand the following before I design a program solely for people of that age group 60 to 75 Years.
  • Grasping skills
  • How many new themes they can be introduced to them in one 45 minutes session?
  • Recap – How much of it can they retain till the next session?

Here is a snapshot of my inferences based on BECKON Framework   
Case Study 1
Case Study 2
This senior was acquainted with laptop however absolutely unaware of how to be a knowledge laborer to work from home for online income.
TV Time: Four and a half hours each day
This senior person was yet to know the difference between Backspace and Delete.

TV Time: One and a half hours each day
The half knowledge he had about every theme discussed was acting as a barrier for training, coaching and new learning
Constant comparison with other similar work from home opportunities
His lack of knowledge made this an interesting and quick learning experience.

Open to try based on complete faith

Quick Money oriented
Prevailing Thought: When and where is the money?
Self Esteem oriented
Prevailing Thought: Doing something meaningful
Average Academics (Diploma)
Fluent in 5 different languages
Computer savvy
Exposure to Corporate/ Manufacturers
Average Academics (PUC)
Fluent in 1 language
Never touched a computer
Exposure to Government bodies.
By the end of 6 hours of both formal and informal sessions across two different days, this resource had not moved   an inch ahead.

Learnt Basic Internet and MS Word in 3 hours spread across 3 days
As part of the learning, this resource generated revenue through advertisment sites
Roadmap Recommended
Roadmap Recommended
Learning continuity

Based on these two case studies, I have captured the essence of two principal techniques to ensure effective learning for measurable outcomes 

Knowing this difference, you may just want to find out what your learning road map is that can lead you to your desired outcome?

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