Thursday 15 December 2016

Freelancer Kit: The Shortest Pitch Got Me Assignments For Over $1500

“I love the way this job challenges my thought process already. I want to do it”

That’s it. That was my pitch.
Shortest Pitch

I attached a sample deck Future of Work – 5 slides along with this pitch.


The buyer was a professional instructional designer from Australia who needed assistance with instructional design, research and writing for learning modules and e-books to assist diploma students.


When we think of position we usually mean pitch positioning. Here I tried to gauge the buyer’s position. She wrote a long, very long requirement / work scope including her need, expectations, timelines etc. She wanted to skip long recruitment process which hints at her urgency. 

I therefore kept my pitch as short as possible to save reading time and get to business. That is precisely what happened.

Here is the first conversation:

First Conversation

Profile and Portfolio:

I was new to the site with no profile or portfolio uploaded yet. I do not know how I skipped that or probably I wanted some time to choose my best work. When I coach individuals on alternative incomes this is the subject I dwell on most. 

You exist online because your profile exists. You are in business because you carry a portfolio.


It is not the best of pay however how can I forget the bonus?


While I poured all my sweat into fulfilling someone else’s work goals, I accomplished three things:

A foothold in a new platform
I received feedback from an expert while I was trying to get a grip in a new market - Australia
I got acquainted to the Australian training model and can independently create a learning module

That is the avocado to your guacamole - The pitch. There isn't much else. 

The glowing feedback I got after those assignments is here

Are you ready with  your pitch? 

If you want to have a quick pitch dry run, write to me at to evaluate content and have a neutral perspective.

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