Tuesday 27 June 2017

Make Your Own Lane: The Dual Boat Syndrome

I spend considerable time reading articles on LinkedIn and sometimes it is easy to catch the trend.

Recruiters posting about job requirements
Job seekers posting about their interview experience or the hiring cycle
Self obsessed branding 
Startups offering free webinars/ pitch decks to brand their presence
Long, really long headlines

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What are your first impressions and initial thoughts when you see one of your LinkedIn contact (Ex colleague or friend or neighbor) who has been dormant in the platform for ages, suddenly

a.   Adding new connects, every second day
b.   Liking articles
c.   Following the Who’s who

Right, I think the same - On the lookout symptoms.


Some change their headline “Looking for challenging opportunities”
Simple and straight – I often wondered if that broadcast really helps or is it just a hollow threat to their current reporting managers who are in the same platform?


Some begin to like status notes or drop a “Yes” comment with the hope that the recruiter who posted the shout out for an opening checks their LinkedIn profiles.

The general perception with this one is confusing – I sometimes like such status notes for people, so that my network is made aware and can apply.


Then you have those retiring early to do their own thing. The marathon farewell message and the epic thank you notes are like micro blogs, soft selling about their future endeavor already.


Do changes in profile, click save and notify. If this exercise is frequent, it is just another on-the-lookout symptom.


Some of them suddenly realize Facebook does not get you jobs. More than those family dinner pictures, which will fetch a few likes and then be lost - a few motivational quotes, a few pictures in seminars and workshops, a few certificates, a few free advises, few likes to #RPA #Machinelearning #Datascience can bring the profile within the radar.


If anyone from the leadership band suddenly writes an average blog, it is to brand a company product or service.

On the other hand, if he writes a mind blowing blog, thoroughly researched from credible sources, that is mostly for branding his own domain expertise to establish his credibility for future employers.

The difference in quality of blog is so distinct that you can almost read the purpose loud and clear

If you do not believe me, just check how many leadership profiles have just one blog published. They are back to the daily grind. A promotion is due. CXO is happy and so the crisis is gone.

The next blog will be up when the whirlwind subsides and they begin to focus on wildly important goals (Covey’s 4D) – startup, next move, do your own thing etc or when the axe works again.


What do these headlines convey about the professional?

Sales leader| Agile| Project Management| Blogger |  Product developer

Best Selling Author | Ted Speaker | 32000 Followers on Twitter | 

Entrepreneur| Sales Coach| Motivational Speaker| Life Coach | Blogger

Sales and Marketing Expert | Trainer| 25 Years in Sales |

I have no idea how these headlines look to a recruiter or a prospective client. I find them screaming to be noticed.


You have those subtle ones.

They tweak their headlines every two weeks, test a variety of combination, not exactly sure what is likely to pop up in search engines – They are the ones who are desperately looking for change while carrying out business as usual.

I received a few messages on LinkedIn of this nature, mostly from those with a full time job

“How do I get into freelancing or part time assignments?

“How do I launch my consulting business?”

The Side Hustle

Before you think about your side hustle, give this a long thought - how exactly do you want your clients and prospects to view this in your professional networking forums?

Can you possibly have a headline pitching to both the employers and your clients? You may want to fine tune your target audience first, before you make that broadcast.

It is absolutely your call what you want to project about yourself in these forums. Your profile reflects your priorities.

9 AM to 5 PM or 5 PM to 9 PM
Active income or passive income
Side hustle or full time
Role specific or soul specific
At one point, you have to get off one boat so that your conviction gets transferred to those you want to work with. Your commitment speaks more loudly than those profile headlines

How can you launch your consulting business while working for a paycheck? How can you manage the social media of your startup if your paycheck obligates you to like and comment on your company's activities?

How can you possibly be somebody you want to be without sacrificing who you are today?
Check this to know more about how you can make your own lane

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