Sunday 10 December 2017

Make Your Own Lane: Build Your Tribe

It is not just about Association or Networking any more.

In short,

Association – Who you hang out with to grow intellectually? Your source of information and wisdom
Networking – Who you hang out with to get business? Your source of leads

And your tribe – Well, that’s different.

The buzz words now are:

Build your tribe

Community is everything

Find “your” people

Get the team together

Why is your tribe important?

It gives instant access to community of peers and experts that enables you to fast track your business.

I was not able to pick up large assignments or multiple assignments due to bandwidth issue.

Anyone who has done projects for international clients based on individual capability can tell you how the difficulty level gradually increases if you are working on two different assignments with nearly same deadlines.

You have to stretch your mind to understand multiple client's needs, expectations, use different skills to execute and research several industries.

And when time is most critical as all client deliverables are time bound with your reputation at stake, you only wish you had a ready team, your own tribe
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Who qualify to be your tribe?

People with common interests and values qualify to be your tribe provided you both have something to give and take to achieve your respective outcomes

Your viewers, readers, followers, prospects and customers can be part of your tribe who has a common ground with you and shared mindset

They ideally should be able to resonate with you, bond with you and trust you.

How to build your tribe?

I had two coaching sessions, almost back to back on Thursday.

You just have to remember the reasons for creating a strong tribe

When you invite people to have deeper experiences with you, you are ready to scale

How big should your tribe be?

You should be able manage the size of your tribe. Remember why they connected with you in the first place. So ideally delegation or any other alternative does not quite work here.

Being proactive 
Being productive 
Being purposeful

How does it help your business?
Your tribe is your think tank.
They are your ready source for feedback of your products and services
Common interests and goals is a highly rewarding starting point
Your intention and their desire is perfectly in sync - that saves bandwidth in explaining core themes
They are your support system in every meet-up or workshop.
They are your ready customers for an entrepreneurial guide, a retreat, or digital products etc.
By meeting at regular interval, we only strive to achieve defined goals and in the process, the tribe acquires a skill or two 

We have named our tribe BECKON Learning Community. That acknowledges the powerful existence of people who have an established need to learn

Connect here to join our tribe. 

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