Monday 27 November 2017

Make Your Own Lane: Say, What You Mean

I can give a dozen examples outside business however since this blog is mainly for first time entrepreneurs or someone trying to establish an alternate career, I will stick to this for the time being.

Type A

“I wanted to work with you. I have a fantastic offer for you. It is a great opportunity for potential income. When can we discuss?”

How does this sound when this comes from someone with whom you lost touch for several years? Just when you are happy that they took the initiative to connect with you, the inside voice warns you of a hidden agenda.

So finally, when you discuss, you find the whole great opportunity just narrows down to one more PPL scope – pay per lead.

It helps to allow the one who is in the receiver’s end to conclude if at all, this is a great opportunity or if they are even remotely interested in your offer.

Will this experience lead you to doubt people's intentions or be skeptical in future? Ideally, it should not. Because what you should make of this experience is this - Move on.

Trigger curiosity.
Trigger hope.

But before all that,

Trigger trust
Trigger abundance mindset
Trigger generosity

Be direct - It helps clear the cloud and start with fresh thoughts – Transparent and clean. It builds trust and reliability.

Manipulative strategies, duplicity, deceitfulness in speech or conduct, speaking and thinking differently, double - dealing can be spot miles away.

Type B

“I cannot afford you at the moment, as I am bootstrapping, so can we work on a revenue sharing model for every lead you generate or nurture to a successful deal?”

Who would you personally prefer to work with, if at all you want to – Type A or Type B?

Just look at the irony of the whole thing, the one who needs assistance is the one who talks about offer. Such round about talk is a thing of the past. Any one with some acquaintance about natural laws and spiritual awareness knows, how easy it is to be direct, imperfect, vulnerable and yet have things your way.

Another thing that brings concern is when someone wants to do something for free – Why on earth, you wonder and even begin to worry, what obligation is this leading to?

Be Direct

“Hey, if I promote your services in my social media channels, will you pass on the leads relevant to what I do as a return favor?”

I love it. How simple and easy is that?

I hate free soaps anyways. I, for one, always think, there must be something wrong with its expiry.

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The god of all business strategies is being human and adhering to natural laws.

Do no let past interactions and experiences cloud your judgment. 

Based on the BECKON Framework, we evaluate the background of each individual / freelancer/ first time entrepreneur/ BECKON Aspirant keen to be BECKON Coaches for an effective learning road map.

Here are three quick give-aways to recognize duplicity traits

A)  The language is always the same – Discussing problems and people
B) Observe the questions they ask - That is almost always doubting your integrity - An excellent reflection of what is going on in their mind
C) I, Me, Myself first - Self obsessed.

In my next blog, I will address "Give, before you seek - traits of abundance mindset 

Here are a few enlightening words from Brene Brown - The research-storyteller to awaken your spiritual intelligence

Empathy is the skill or ability to tap into our own experiences in order to connect with an experience someone is relating to us.
Compassion is the willingness to be open to this process

Concluding thoughts.

When you actually meet people in personal and professional life with such traits, even if you choose not to do business transactions, use both of these - Empathy and compassion. 

It is mostly how they are conditioned that govern their belief system and thinking patterns. With empathy and compassion, they will soon learn to say, what they truly mean to create a win win environment, for both parties involved.

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