Friday 20 April 2018

Make Your Own Lane: Being Average or Exceptional

You know this.

When you receive email from a life coach trying to sell you a program or an e-book, don’t they all look the same?

When you are planning a trip for yourself and your family, as you surf through the travel sites, do you notice 99% of these websites are same with hardly any difference?

When you apply for a job / role, even the job description or eligibility criteria look mundane and repetitive

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You don’t know this

They look same because it is easy, quick and tested.

It worked once probably, the first time. It is likely to work again is the general belief.

Creating something new or something different requires “Thinking” and "Research" - that, in turn requires time, focus, vision and a drive to be exceptional

You know this

Differentiating yourself is beneficial.

There is a huge market out there willing to explore something that is new and different – You, your skills, your competence and your expertise, presented to suit a growing market

However what you know and the skills you have need not necessarily have to come to the market as you know but package it well as the client needs it – to suit your prospect’s purpose

You don’t know this

If you are exactly like a thousand others, you are non-existent.

Use real people’s language to connect. That seems simple and easy. The faster you forget the standard jargon, the better your chances are to make it happen.

It is easy to sell, try being a strategic partner or advisor

It is easy to apply, try being a long term solution

Do one thing differently and you immediately stand out.

If that one thing is client centric, you have a thousand times better chance to survive long term.

The only difference between being average and being exceptional is what you do to stand out.

The world is full of trainers, coaches, facilitators, mentors, who own the function. 

Are you ready to stand out, by owning outcomes?

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