Tuesday 22 May 2018

Make Your Own Lane: Building Personal Credibility

The common techniques most of us use to assess a professional’s or a company’s credibility is to quickly surf through the following:

What does the Website say?

That is first proof a prospect will come across before reaching out the phone or shooting a mail to the service provider.

What is the quality of Samples that you see?

Regardless of a client’s budget, the first and foremost priority will be to ensure what a client receives as service is useful to their business. Samples speak volumes about the depth of expertise one has

WritingVoiceWeb DesigningMarketingConsulting

The scope can be anything and that really does not matter. The portfolio that reflects in the website should be the strongest proof of the professional’s skill/ expertise or company's domain

If you are beginner, do not let any of this stop you

If you do not have clients, you cannot furnish samples.
If you cannot show samples, you cannot get clients.

Do you best demo portfolio and upload even when you are new and I guarantee, it will be difficult and tempting not to try your services.

What kind of logos is listed?

Logos you have worked with, certifications, associations, badges and testimonials can create a positive impact however that is not enough to get a prospect to  reach out to you. It can create an impression, not guarantee a lead that can convert to a client and in turn to revenue.

Pitch query
Your first communication with a prospect should be aligned to what you showed them so far in your website, portfolio, online space  - what you are good at, what you can solve, how you can assist them. 
If a prospect perceives a gap between what you do, how  you behave online and how you communicate in that first mail or call, the disconnect will be very hard to bridge.
Refrain from standard business jargon, be specific about how you can assist and how you are different. Keep it short, simple and effective. If possible add a call to action
Online credibility
The blogs you write, the expert advise you share on forums and social media groups, the extent of support, assistance and useful inputs you provide pertaining to your domain - all of this build your credibility
It proves how valuable you are 
Finally, the most important aspect to consider before you work with a professional

Personal credibility

Language, both verbal and non-verbal is a great give away.

I am sorry for being late
I am late because the lift was not working. (Everyone used the same lift)
I can share as many samples you want for clients that I have worked for already (Does he bother to clarify if he has the right, approval and permission to do that?)

What is your opinion about the person who uses this language in the first meeting? I am sure you got the point by now.

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