Monday 4 April 2016

How Are You Branding Yourself Today?

How many of you receive mails from job consultants seeking these inputs?

  • Your current Salary
  • Expected Salary
  • Joining Period if selected
  • Have you applied before directly or through any consultant?
  • Are you a permanent employee?
  • Are you open to relocate?
  • What is your current location?
  • How many years do you have in

  1. Leadership Role
  2. Team Management
  3. Project Management
  4. Stakeholders Management
  5. Client relationship Management

And the laundry list can be longer. There was time I used to think, these questions in my inbox reflect interest in my profile for an opening, possibly. Now I just delete such mails whispering to myself – What audacity! What a pathetic way to build database? How immature!

  • It is perfectly okay that you do not have time to read my online profile
  • It is not okay that you demand sensitive information, just like that.
  • How can one trust your credibility to fill positions, if you lack basic ability to draft a decent introductory mail?

Content impacts your branding

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CEO,  Ventures
Over a year back, when a young job consultant spoke at a stretch and ended saying “Since you are not associated full time with any corporate now, I suggest you take this opportunity for whatever you are getting” I smiled and said politely “I will keep that in mind”. What I wanted (trade time, skills, both or neither) was not her scope to know, what she wanted was all that mattered.

  • When you treat profiles like products to push and fill roles, you most often forget the resource here has a mind of their own.
  • Your choice of words and under researched ways speaks volumes about your desperateness to meet targets than do justice to employers and aspirants.

Communication impacts your branding

There are a few people I know who are running their own firms for almost five years and yet their social/ professional profiles highlight their former roles with big corporate names.

  • Which entity do you think needs to be branded now – the firm you worked for a decade or the firm you created and associated with now?
  • How do you want people to remember you – for what you did in the capacity of former president or for the service you provide now and what you represent today?

Company impacts your branding

The young consultant and many others like her are yet to know large corporation is good platform to test and develop skills for a few years. The Future of Work is to trade your niche skills to multiple buyers across geography from the comfort of your home, without trading your time. Are you branding yourself today to suit/ meet that future?

To know more about Future of Work, click here

Based on BECKON Framework, the evaluation and learning road map are first to support your outcomes (income stream) and then assist you to transfer that to others, if you want to scale and build an enterprise or brand as an independent BECKON coach

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