Sunday 17 April 2016

Uberization, Zuckerberg Syndrome?

In the past one year my typical work day (rather just a typical day as I am not working most of the days) has undergone huge transformation.

It was about working with startups and aspiring entrepreneurs initially, supporting coaching companies with modules, content strategy, website content development and articulating a business idea in a feasible plan for funding until the realization dawned - The age old 80/ 20 rule – 80% work to make 20% rich.

While the above is still constant, the new dimension now is – transferring this learning I acquired in the past year to that 80% to improve their earning potential that are stuck in a job they are too comfortable or not comfortable at all.

I can be glued to my laptop doing nothing, watching Ted Talks, listening to podcasts and reading about Uberization and how often people get hit by Zuckerberg syndrome to fail miserably. I probably take an hour to write a blog or 20 minutes to coach someone on SKYPE, if that can be called work and I am back to surfing. However, one thing I have done all my life.

I religiously take notes or bookmark something great I read 

I seriously do not know why I do that – probably thinking that I need to read this later. So I put it in my things to do list though I never return to those, unless I am put against the wall. My paper note books and diaries are full of these.

Working independently for buyers is not just about flexibility, freedom and finance. It is a lot about exploring and exploiting your true potential that is not defined by the metrics of just one environment but customized to your own well-being.

There are four steps to be a BECKON Coach

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So, what will you book mark today or list in your things to do
That is the whole point - Being trained is easy, learning is not. The only key theme of this blog is "Taking Notes". Did you learn that yet?

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