Thursday 2 November 2017

Make Your Own Lane: Why Twitter Is Not Working For You?

Forget about leads, conversions and sales through twitter

All the tall claims and success stories you heard about Twitter seems to be just hype. You are in such a pathetic state. The worse thing is even after months on twitter, you do not seem to have enough followers even. Loyalty is far fetched.

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The Problem:

So basically, you have created your profile however you are not able to figure out why Twitter is not really working for you. Here is your checklist to assess what you are doing and what you are supposed to do.

The Basics:

1.   Your handle: It better be a smart, catchy, short and memorable one

2.   Your profile: Is it complete, clear and does it raise some curiosity? It does not really have to look very professional but at least does it hint that you mean business being here?

3.   Your website or blog: Have you included your website link or is it just your social page or LinkedIn profile?

Why you follow:

4.   Branding: Is it for creating awareness or leads? Your twitter strategy will depend on what you are planning to achieve by your presence here.

Who you follow:

5.   Identify people – personal and professional contacts

6.   Identify business entities and resources – Those who are in your business life cycle and tweet about subjects pertaining to your domain, business, function, business interests and industry.

7.   Identify prospects – Today, tomorrow or day after, they will convert. We need to know them. The more we know our customer profile, the more apt solution we can present.

8.   Influencers and bloggers – I do not know about others but I follow them because this lot create the best content, tweet and re-tweet matter that supports my micro learning almost on a daily basis

You may want to follow your Hollywood heartthrob. However that will make no difference to your own branding or business.

If you follow me and if I see that you do stuff that can help me in my business, what is the probability you have that I follow you back – Obviously close to 100%. What chances do you have that the Hollywood guy will follow you back?

What you tweet

9.   Are your tweets random, spontaneous, repetitive, self-obsessed, current or just pointless?

10.                Are they relevant to your business only with one objective - self-promotion?

11.                Are your tweets useful for your followers?

If you have only 40 followers and you tweet the same information about your company, product or service on a daily basis, what impact will it have on your followers?

Focus on growing your follower base. Focus on point 11. That requires some doing - A quick image like the one I posted here, to stand out; Some great hashtags - You will know soon that you need to think before you tweet.

If you do not compose your tweets mindfully, that affects your brand image and leaves your followers a little confused regarding what  you want them know, what you want to say, what you do and the purpose of your tweet.

According to BBC studies, the attention span people have today is that of a gold fish so anything beyond 400 words is likely to remain unattended even by the most intelligent mind. So the rest of the checklist will continue in the next blog.

Meanwhile, connect with us here if you want a quick evaluation of your twitter profile and tweet behavior. We do this for our BECKON Aspirants to lead them to their outcomes.

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