Saturday 25 November 2017

Make Your Own Lane: Is Twitter Still Not Working For You?

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1.   It is obvious the original posters appreciate your re-tweet.

2.   They give you greater visibility which in turn increases your follower count.

3.   Soon, your content will be re-tweeted

What to include

4.   In the digital content you create, use keywords and search terms, link it to relevant website content before you tweet

5.   Use hashtags (#) so that the tweets reach the right groups. Your content is made visible

6.   Use short links, keeping character limit in view

7.   For the visual learners, you may use images

Make it about them first

8.   Share content that is valuable to your audience/ followers

9.   Whatever you share – articles, blogs, images, updates or videos should be informative and interesting.

10.                Re-tweet their content if it meets the same criteria – informative, interesting and in some way related to your business, ideology or key themes

11.                Monitor your results to check which tweets generate engagement or refine your strategy.

Then about you

12.                Personalize your connect

13.                Use words judiciously that creates interest or impact

14.                Make your tweets your voice to reach your tribe

15.                Share your human side as often as possible

16.                Tweet a couple of times a day and few more during weekends

Your daily behavior

17.                Be present.

18.                Be responsible.

19.                Be visible.

20.                Be helpful.

21.                Be consistent

22.                Be genuine with your recommendations

23.                Be ready to interact

24.                Be committed

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