Monday 2 October 2017

Alternate Learning: Is Self-Control Part Of Any Skill Set?

Try this in a meeting. 

Be the last to speak. 

As Simon Sinek tells you here in this video "Do not nod yes, if you agree with somebody" and "Do not nod no, if you disagree" It is not enough 

The skill to hold your opinions to yourself until everyone has spoken does two things - One, it gives everybody else the feeling that they have been heard. It gives everyone else the ability to feel that they have contributed and Two, you get the benefit of hearing what everybody else has to think before you render your opinion

Simon Sinek
Respond, Do Not React.

Reaction is quick and automatic triggered by emotions or belief system. Response involves thinking. Reaction is mostly self-protective, defense mechanism. Your personality style is labeled as reactive if you act without thinking

You will require a great degree of control on your emotions to be able to respond and not react to a situation.

Know When To Stop.

Fruitful and meaningful discussion or exchange of knowledge takes place when at least one person in the group knows when to stop and get others to speak or get others to listen. While explaining a concept, you can be very articulate, well informed and proficient in getting the point across to your audience, however if you are not aware when to pause to check if the concept is taken well, there is hardly any communication.

To do any of these, 

1] Be the last to speak
2] Respond and not react
3] Know when to stop

The single most important skill required is self-control.

Most of us are aware of adverse consequences of losing control on the following:

Our temper
What we say
Our habits
Our expenses

Our indulgence

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