Friday 27 October 2017

The Startup Kit: What Would You Want An Extended Arm To Do For Your Business?

What stage is your Startup at?

What we, as a virtual team, can do at different stages of startup - as  your extended arm.

Ideation Stage

We validate the ideas through Research

The steps are simple

1.   Is there a pain point that needs to be addressed?
2.   Ask appropriate and open ended questions to assess if at all a solution is required?
3.   Often people you ask to confirm if they have any pain point will call out the kind of solutions they prefer which hints at how good  your idea is

Proof Of Concept Stage

We support companies validate business ideas with Sample Customers

1.   Identifying focus groups to test MVP
2.   Review and Feedback based on user experience to refine offering

Customer Traction

We assist startups achieve Paying Customer Traction

The steps

1.   Social Media Management
2.   Website Development
3.   Landing page
4.   Lead to deal

Scale Up

We provide end to end support to start ups when they are ready to expand, seek funds and grow.  Companies that have

A.   Minimum of one year P&L or Balance Sheet
B.   Website
C.   A core team

We constantly keep reminding first time entrepreneurs about the basics.

The fundamentals


People, often do not realize they have one. Establish that need


Customer habits are changing. Keep the dynamic market place in view as you plan and foresee the future


Investors are usually ready, when you are ready. They increase their stake when they see you have enough at stake already and on the verge of that big leap


Rely more on insights than information


People have information at their fingertips –Use this opportunity


You do not have to re-invent the wheel, just have enough value adds


You are the perfect change agent


Focus more on LTV (Life time value) than CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)


Never attempt to sell solution through a price. Sell the price through the solution.

Connect with us here to discuss way forward for your venture to discuss the fundamentals in details – We are open for both, an informal chat or with a firm quote.

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