Wednesday 11 October 2017

Make Your Own Lane: Getting Paid To Read A Book To Execute An Assignment

I am an avid reader – a voracious reader. You may think of any other adjective to describe my reading habit. I can read through various channels – books, blogs, articles, magazines, written notes for seven hours at a stretch. And I will not complain.

I am not an addict. I am definitely not a book worm. Just that I prefer reading to anything else - Reading during transit, reading to prepare for an assignment, reading for self-development, reading for spiritual awareness, reading for skill enhancement, reading to make notes for future reference, reading to understand people, business, market and economies.

Seriously, a significant part of my waking hours is reading.

Here is the project brief of a recent assignment I did. I have a reason to share this experience here. 

Project Brief

The client was from Australia and wanted a presentation for his coaching business.


I have done many of those decks based on adult learning theories to launch first time entrepreneurs coaching business and also for seasoned professionals.

I was ever ready to execute one more as coaching is part of our team’s portfolio too and therefore every line of research I do in this domain is a terrific learning experience. It immensely broadens my thinking horizon to fine tune and refine our offerings.

The twist is he wanted the presentation based on the principles of a particular book, which I had not read. I withdrew my quotation immediately.

He offered to pay for the book.

I categorically stated that I can prepare the deck with concepts and theories that I am already aware of, share a reading list and bibliography in case the presenter wants to deep dive. I assured that the content will suit his coaching requirement. He offered to send the e-book and shared a sample image which was the essence of the book.

I proposed a quote $70 just for reading the book and he was perfectly okay with that. As he had respect for my time, I decided to execute the assignment. I must admit, it was a wonderful book.

So here is a client ready to pay to do what I always do habitually, willingly – read a book.

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