Monday 14 March 2016

What Is Your Current Quadrant?

That is my understanding of Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Quadrant.

Courtesy: A good friend who gave me a book to read Business School by the same author.

Wish someone had written a book on Life Quadrant – I had touched on this theme in one of my blogs for our foundation based on what I understood of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Abdul Kalam’s take on the subject.

Back to cash quadrant,

As an employee you have a job, when self-employed, you own the job, as business owner you own a system that works for you and as investor, you are not working – Money works for you as you own investments. The good old financial freedom story – you must have heard a version of it at least once in your lifetime.

The crisis is not really the pace by which you are moving from your current quadrant to the desired one but not to belong anywhere in the first place and not to have any values at all – net-worth or self-worth.

If one wants to be in investor quadrant to have financial freedom by using OPM (other people’s money) – inheritance, funding, family’s financial support – without establishing minimum credibility, earning by being self-employed or building any financial assets – does he belong to any quadrant today? What are his core values? Symbiotic or parasitic?

There are people who can belong to two life quadrants at a given point of time – Athlete and Big Brother otherwise why do so many people who love to flaunt their brands, assets, lifestyle or possessions, also spend a considerable amount in donation or community initiatives?

Similarly, one can belong to one or two cash quadrants. So why not trade your skills or time first by being employed or self employed for some time – freelancing,  part time work, online income or retail to gradually build those blocks of investments one by one. 

It is about time you quit dwelling on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram in the name of networking or being in business and the fundamental myth that you are building something of value to anyone. While business owners do not see profits initially - they do have cash flow and sales revenue. If you are not seeing any of that, with what you are currently doing - you seriously do not belong to any quadrant yet. If you are not selling your time, skills, ideas, products to live people and if you are not even out there to assist people, uplift someone - you are in the cashless or lifeless quadrant.

The god of all strategies to shift quadrants is undoubtedly to shift your core values and belief system first. Belonging to any one quadrant - Life or Cash, is just the starting point.

Based on BECKON Framework, the evaluation and road map is first to support your outcomes (personal aspirations) and then assist you to transfer that to others, if you want to scale and build an enterprise/ income streams.