Sunday 3 March 2019

Digital Internship: Change Your Diet

Today, we had a fishing competition in the large pool within our residential complex premises.

There was a nominal participation fee - INR 500 and those who were interested, had to bring their own equipment.

The Bait

I am not talking about the bait for the fishes. The organisors made it clear that there is no advantage or fee waiver even if you are a resident here.

On a daily basis, people swim in this pool - even an instructor comes here every weekend to teach swimming to young kids. The kids pay the instructor however access to the pool, to the best of my understanding, is free.

Then how fair is it to charge for the fishing contest? Did you know the contest will last for 7 hours and what you catch will be worth much more than what you pay?

Moreover, there is unlimited supply of tea and biscuit as you wait for the fish to be hooked. Even lunch will be taken care.

All of this makes sense, and each time this contest attracts quiet a few participants. Even if the participant caught two fishes of adequate weight, he can easily recover the cost of participating in the contest.

The winning prize is for the one who caught maximum number of fishes in the shortest duration. So it is a win win.

The Association uses this money to maintain the pool every year. So fishing contest is the best bait they can think of so that they need not use the maintenance fund collected from residents every month and make this fishing thing an annual ritual to recover some of the pool cleaning costs.

People here look forward to it and is major talking point among residents. A quiet Sunday. A decent crowd and lots of fishes. It is quiet a trophy. A win win again for Association and residents.

The Diet

The most common issues with digital internship are mostly to deal with their  decades old habits - the rigid learning pattern, the predictable thinking pattern, the same expectations pattern and the common fear pattern

I have noticed this across all age groups - freshers and experienced people - who have approached me to learn alternative options to earn by working from home, adding skills and winning independent assignments from clients

The word internship is usually associated with fresh graduates who are stepping into the corporate world. However the reality is anyone who ventures to learn something new at any point of time, regardless of age, is an intern for that particular learning, when he applies it for the first time in real life and live projects

Change Your Diet

Most of us our slaves of our habits and natural thinking patterns.

Here is a quick short story

Once a man went to his neighbor asking for a rope to tie his mule. The neighbor did not have any rope and asked the man to just put his hands around the neck of the mule and it will automatically believe that something was used to tie his neck and therefore not try to move.

What do you think possibly must have happened the next day when the man mounted the mule to set off to work? The mule obviously refused to budge an inch from its place.

The man had to remove the rope. Was there any rope? Nope.

Just the man knows that - Not the mule. So that is what it is - Slaves of habitual thinking pattern

The interns learn skills fast. Andragogy (Adult based learning) is need based and most adults find their own inspiration, need and motivation to act and yet fail to be consistent because they fall back to old habits and habitual thought patterns

So how to change habits? This is exactly where most new learners fail because they just go back to their old routines, with or without new skills.

It is very important to note, that y our diet is not only what you eat.

It is who you speak to on a regular basis, what  you watch on TV or YouTube, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang out with, what topics you prefer to talk about, what you do on a daily basis, what you feed yourself with on social media and the things you subject your mind, heart and soul to.

If you are not mindful of the things that you expose yourself to, you end up absorbing and put a lot of weeds in your body emotionally, spiritually and physically instead of seeds that can bring out change in habits, behavior and results.

If things are not working, results are not happening, it is time to change your diet.

Do not fall for the bait no matter how tempting it is, if it is not part of your diet. If you do fall, then it the most predictable reaction you probably give for every temptation that you face.

If your past responses in similar situation has not got you the desired results, expecting a different output while the input is absolutely the same, is to live in fool's paradise.

Are you ready to set your diet right now?