Saturday 26 November 2016

What Do You Trade To Make A Living?

I had 46K EMI when I quit my corporate job.

In the cafeteria, my colleagues voiced their concerns and tried to counsel me – the same lot who attended my house warming party a few months back and knew about my ongoing EMIs. They meant well and wanted me to quit after I had an alternative offer/ steady income.

That was three years back.

I sailed through and I am happy with the ride so far. 

One afternoon, I tried to make the balcony, a cool working place.
 I had to drop the idea as it was so windy outside

There are few things I built in the last four years.

Year 1 – The Concept:  What is the learning model (I worked on this before I quit my job)
Year 2 – The Conviction: Will this learning model work and how will this work? 
Year 3 – The Clientele: How to increase clients based on one skill/ service? 
Year 4 – The Coaching: Is there a way to establish multiple income streams based on one skill?

I had each of following as my target audience when I created my booklet that provides step by step instruction to readers how to go and fetch clients in whatever they are good at and enjoy doing - cartoons, voice over, business planning, virtual assistance, blogging, designing, seriously anything. 

Solopreneurs trying to build their personal brand and create a market for their portfolio/ skills
Mompreneurs who are balancing dual roles of mom and entrepreneur
Employees in mid management aspiring to be entrepreneurs or planning a personal franchisee.
Startup companies who are still struggling with cash flow and cannot afford full time employees, seeking experts in various fields.
Students in business schools who need not wait for their internship to understand real time business situations.

The  challenge is only in dealing with habitual thinking patterns and the personality that dominates the learner, while the learning process is in progress.

Based on BECKON framework, the booklet is a beginner's guide for anyone keen to address these issues, begin the unlearning process and establish alternative incomes/ interests.

It is your call what you want to trade - time or skill.

How do those ongoing EMIs  get handled?

The very first mental shift that you will require is to stop thinking pay check to pay check and begin thinking annual business revenue or at least quarterly revenue.

I worked back to back on assignments in July-August and took three months off Sept - Oct - Nov. That has been my working style ever since I had that mental shift.  In fact, I am even writing this blog after ages.

With just one skill - creating business plans/ content strategy and with over 50 international clients, I have absolute control on my time. Recently a buyer had to wait for 6 days for just one slide (Case Study) as he happened to give me that assignment in those three months when I was off.

Power of Duplication

The booklet is just comprehensive way of telling those who ask me what I do and if they can do it too? Instead of coaching 10 people and spending hours to bring them up the curve, it is always a better idea to guide interested people to self learning option by sharing the beginner's guide. 

Do Your Mathematics

There is a detail calculation in the booklet how one can build this. Your financial need can be very different from mine and so you work on your revenue, time-skill-rate quotient accordingly.

As a startup enthusiast, I support startups. I found my niche in the market place. You?

Shoot me your questions to to know more and get started.