Sunday 31 December 2017

Do The Experienced Professionals Need Internship?

I will leave you with that question for a minute.

Just look at the tension in today’s job market - Is it because millennial generation have a better way of doing things than the Generation X?

Again I am going to let you ponder on that question as well.

Digital Competence

In the emerging digital age, do you feel that you are not competent enough, fast enough, smart enough, knowledgeable enough or productive enough?

Just being efficient enough to juggle between apps is not digital competence. Seriously!

An even worse scenario is this:

Do you think your whole past work experience is not good enough? Those two or three decades of work is actually going against you because you are not able to quantify your achievements?

If any one of these thoughts cross your mind even once, you are a potential candidate for internship.

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Seeking To Return To Work

It is a huge challenge to re-launch and set your career graph in the appropriate direction. However during a job gap, say the five years you were missing in action, a lot has changed.

“People of age” definitely need to take internship first to take stalk of business and job market and then to up skill to fit into that dynamic job landscape.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in taking extended break provided you have skill and knowledge coping mechanisms in place.

There are many women who once had a great career, took time off to raise children, manage domestic priorities or take care of ailing seniors at home.

There are two ways to catch up - read when you are away or pick an internship to be back.

The Switchover

There are many senior workers who actually want to do something of their own. They are aware that there is so much happening outside the corporate world. Some of them have the dough to get started as they are in their income peaks, however they are not sure about the kneading process, the grind and what to expect from an alternate income venture - a business, e-commerce, consulting, coaching or software company.

They have rich experience however without much clarity about how the startup Eco system works. They are probably too proud to be hand held because they definitely have an intelligent mind of their own. 

If they work for a live project either as a Co-Founder or on equity that can just be the much required trigger for them to take the final plunge, gather the required skills and mindset for a seamless switchover

Is that not internship too for first time entrepreneurs – in the startup world?

Two major outcomes of this switch over would be

1] Someone younger replaces him
2] Many more job opportunities can be created through his company

BECKON Coach creates learning road map for similar internships. We already have two internships in progress in spa and tourism industry. We will soon create/ upload those case studies, once it goes live. Contact here to know more

Tuesday 26 December 2017

Over 60 Clients Without "Speaking" One Word In English

I have to address this today.

I seriously do not want to lose out on potential contributors. I call potential learners and future BECKON aspirants as contributors because I know many of them can support global clients and bring home their pay in dollars without moving out of their couch/house.


Another reason to call them contributors is because they will soon graduate to BECKON Coaches and hand-hold many more new aspirants to create their own market and make their own lane.

One of the BECKON Aspirants sent me a mail today with this doubt. 

Someone he knows is unemployed, even with a master degree in computer applications and after graduating with Arts. Somewhere deep-down both – the aspirant and his friend believes that their lack of fluency in English will hinder their growth even in the online zone.

That is how limitations are created.

One’s belief system and the external force (friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors) validating that with their opinion.

Comprehension is more critical than communication

First of all, the terms of service in some portals do not allow users to share their contact details, so obviously the clients cannot talk to you, even if they want to. They can communicate only through messaging.

There are many people who can mail in almost perfect English using various online resources – google translator, online support, word spell check. The concern while speaking is the speed. The words do not come out as fast as you think due to poor vocabulary.

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Explore more about the following to self-learn in a better way


Words and gestures that we use to communicate and convey meaning

Visual Communication


Ability to read, write, speak and listen to a language, apply, contextualize and use written information appropriately that facilitates effective communication

Critical thinking
Synthesizing speaking


By now you know this is your mathematical skills – how you absorb, use, evaluate, critically analyze inputs either numerically or graphically.

So fundamentally, you may know the words and the language, either it is pace, sequence or practice that is hindering your ability to speak fluently.

So, 2017 is nearly done. It is time to make four quick resolutions for 2018

1] Microlearn and read every day
2] Try something new that is productive leading to your outcome
3] Learn just two English words each day and apply it.
4] Establish online income in the next quarter

So did I answer that critical question – Can you earn and acquire global clients online with your individual skills, even if you are not very fluent in English?

Yes, you can!

Now read the title of this blog. 80% of my clients do not have my mail ID, contact details or even access to my linked profile.

What I send as my proposal (which is thought through after thorough research of client needs) is in written English

What I communicate to clarify queries is on mail

So get started.

Contact here for additional resources and ideas to brush up your existing skills. 

Monday 18 December 2017

Make Your Own Lane: Find Your Reasons To Learn and Use Your Skills

Today I have an interesting point to make.

I got to get this wrapped really soon as I have another blog to write, a place to visit in the next half an hour, an evening walk that I can never miss and a quick family gathering at the end of the day.

Someone from our tribe – engaged in alternate learning model – who had a tough time deciding which skills to offer as services just a couple of months back – to whom I dedicated one full blog (Read here)

How does it make you feel, when as a coach you receive this on your birthday from the learner who had no clue about the existence of any such site even two months back, without a LinkedIn profile and inactive on face book –In short, digitally dead
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We are not done yet. She writes her first blog for her upcoming project Indriyaah, a home based salon here

Am I making a big deal about micro learning?

That is your first step to alternate learning model.

Learn something new each day, at your own pace, from a reliable source

In BECKON Learning Community we have 

Educators who design clothes or plan to conduct tours
Corporate professionals who support word press initiatives
Non MBAs who support startup Eco system with business plans and strategy
Academically average students support in research

The problem with factory model education is – We stop learning or acquiring new skills if there are no exams or scores. 

When you self teach something new or through peer support, get to apply new learning and you see the impact – That is your certification.

To know more or join the tribe and be engaged in outcome driven initiatives, connect here

Sunday 10 December 2017

Make Your Own Lane: Build Your Tribe

It is not just about Association or Networking any more.

In short,

Association – Who you hang out with to grow intellectually? Your source of information and wisdom
Networking – Who you hang out with to get business? Your source of leads

And your tribe – Well, that’s different.

The buzz words now are:

Build your tribe

Community is everything

Find “your” people

Get the team together

Why is your tribe important?

It gives instant access to community of peers and experts that enables you to fast track your business.

I was not able to pick up large assignments or multiple assignments due to bandwidth issue.

Anyone who has done projects for international clients based on individual capability can tell you how the difficulty level gradually increases if you are working on two different assignments with nearly same deadlines.

You have to stretch your mind to understand multiple client's needs, expectations, use different skills to execute and research several industries.

And when time is most critical as all client deliverables are time bound with your reputation at stake, you only wish you had a ready team, your own tribe
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Who qualify to be your tribe?

People with common interests and values qualify to be your tribe provided you both have something to give and take to achieve your respective outcomes

Your viewers, readers, followers, prospects and customers can be part of your tribe who has a common ground with you and shared mindset

They ideally should be able to resonate with you, bond with you and trust you.

How to build your tribe?

I had two coaching sessions, almost back to back on Thursday.

You just have to remember the reasons for creating a strong tribe

When you invite people to have deeper experiences with you, you are ready to scale

How big should your tribe be?

You should be able manage the size of your tribe. Remember why they connected with you in the first place. So ideally delegation or any other alternative does not quite work here.

Being proactive 
Being productive 
Being purposeful

How does it help your business?
Your tribe is your think tank.
They are your ready source for feedback of your products and services
Common interests and goals is a highly rewarding starting point
Your intention and their desire is perfectly in sync - that saves bandwidth in explaining core themes
They are your support system in every meet-up or workshop.
They are your ready customers for an entrepreneurial guide, a retreat, or digital products etc.
By meeting at regular interval, we only strive to achieve defined goals and in the process, the tribe acquires a skill or two 

We have named our tribe BECKON Learning Community. That acknowledges the powerful existence of people who have an established need to learn

Connect here to join our tribe. 

Monday 27 November 2017

Make Your Own Lane: Say, What You Mean

I can give a dozen examples outside business however since this blog is mainly for first time entrepreneurs or someone trying to establish an alternate career, I will stick to this for the time being.

Type A

“I wanted to work with you. I have a fantastic offer for you. It is a great opportunity for potential income. When can we discuss?”

How does this sound when this comes from someone with whom you lost touch for several years? Just when you are happy that they took the initiative to connect with you, the inside voice warns you of a hidden agenda.

So finally, when you discuss, you find the whole great opportunity just narrows down to one more PPL scope – pay per lead.

It helps to allow the one who is in the receiver’s end to conclude if at all, this is a great opportunity or if they are even remotely interested in your offer.

Will this experience lead you to doubt people's intentions or be skeptical in future? Ideally, it should not. Because what you should make of this experience is this - Move on.

Trigger curiosity.
Trigger hope.

But before all that,

Trigger trust
Trigger abundance mindset
Trigger generosity

Be direct - It helps clear the cloud and start with fresh thoughts – Transparent and clean. It builds trust and reliability.

Manipulative strategies, duplicity, deceitfulness in speech or conduct, speaking and thinking differently, double - dealing can be spot miles away.

Type B

“I cannot afford you at the moment, as I am bootstrapping, so can we work on a revenue sharing model for every lead you generate or nurture to a successful deal?”

Who would you personally prefer to work with, if at all you want to – Type A or Type B?

Just look at the irony of the whole thing, the one who needs assistance is the one who talks about offer. Such round about talk is a thing of the past. Any one with some acquaintance about natural laws and spiritual awareness knows, how easy it is to be direct, imperfect, vulnerable and yet have things your way.

Another thing that brings concern is when someone wants to do something for free – Why on earth, you wonder and even begin to worry, what obligation is this leading to?

Be Direct

“Hey, if I promote your services in my social media channels, will you pass on the leads relevant to what I do as a return favor?”

I love it. How simple and easy is that?

I hate free soaps anyways. I, for one, always think, there must be something wrong with its expiry.

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The god of all business strategies is being human and adhering to natural laws.

Do no let past interactions and experiences cloud your judgment. 

Based on the BECKON Framework, we evaluate the background of each individual / freelancer/ first time entrepreneur/ BECKON Aspirant keen to be BECKON Coaches for an effective learning road map.

Here are three quick give-aways to recognize duplicity traits

A)  The language is always the same – Discussing problems and people
B) Observe the questions they ask - That is almost always doubting your integrity - An excellent reflection of what is going on in their mind
C) I, Me, Myself first - Self obsessed.

In my next blog, I will address "Give, before you seek - traits of abundance mindset 

Here are a few enlightening words from Brene Brown - The research-storyteller to awaken your spiritual intelligence

Empathy is the skill or ability to tap into our own experiences in order to connect with an experience someone is relating to us.
Compassion is the willingness to be open to this process

Concluding thoughts.

When you actually meet people in personal and professional life with such traits, even if you choose not to do business transactions, use both of these - Empathy and compassion. 

It is mostly how they are conditioned that govern their belief system and thinking patterns. With empathy and compassion, they will soon learn to say, what they truly mean to create a win win environment, for both parties involved.

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