Tuesday 11 July 2017

Make Your Own Lane: Leveraging Skills During Weekends

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#Grapevine rumor
#Chinese whisper
#Salary increase frozen
#Travel on hold
#Candidate selected for offer on hold
#Non-essential purchases banned or have to go through an approval cycle
#Cost-saving measures in almost everything
#Sales team under huge pressure
#Invest in industry consultants to discuss business
#Company got rid of temporary staff and contractors
#Fancy corporate communication talking about strategy and yet not coughing what you want to read – Will there be layoffs?
#Coffee corner discussions around re-structuring, mergers, acquisitions, redundancy
#Urgency for training to re-skill and prepare for future projects (which may or may not be in the pipeline)
#Layoff though not announced, it is anticipated by almost everyone
#In short there is a looming fear
#Attend too many team meetings with new updates about company and business.

Are these enough hints to tell you there are problems in your company? You know something is not right - you however have no idea how to contribute to better the situation. You do not have clear understanding about what is going on in the company and absolutely clueless who to ask, as your reporting manager is equally clueless about it.


1.   You want to wait and watch before you take a decision
2.   You want to leave the sinking boat and start looking for jobs
3.   You still want to be associated with your company during this crisis and willing to stay without salary hike hoping things will get better

It could be a passing phase. You gut feeling that this situation will not last for long is probably true. Meanwhile, you can focus on alternative incomes.

Build Alternative Income Stream

You can get started with a side hustle during weekends to be able to switch over full time just in case the axe is too close.

1.   Blogging
2.   Coaching
3.   Freelancing
4.   E-books

Remember to adhere to clauses in your appointment letter. Make sure there is absolutely no conflict of interest, company resources are not used and you are not overlapping your employer’s time for doing your own thing.

1.   You just leverage your skills during weekends.
2.   You engage in learning a new skill based on market trends

The Benefits

1.   Income – You can choose this to be active or passive
2.   Supporting other’s learning and building your credibility
3.   Assisting companies who cannot hire full time resources with your skills
4.   Clients you acquire are yours,  based on meaningful business relationship you build for your ongoing online business and future revenue.

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