Friday 11 August 2017

Make Your Own Lane: This Is Our One And Only differentiator In Everything We Do

We seriously thought we were doing a fairly good job with our initial branding. The effort was pretty focused though not in a big expensive way, but at least by letting the world know what exactly we do:

The tweets
The quotes
The social media pages
The groups
The key themes about what we stand for
The framework
The blogs
The right messages about our focus areas

We really thought, we had the critical points covered:

The pain points we are trying to solve
How we are different?
What can our prospects and client expect from us?

Ok, now three days back I got this on twitter: 
I'm curious! What's your work like? What do you do?
Twitter profile description clearly states:
We support individuals and companies achieve personal and business outcomes using BECKON Framework.

Our Mantras: #Assess #Adopt #Act #Achieve

Someone who cares enough can also check our website where our portfolio of services are listed - how we support startups, individuals and large corporations.

Around the same time a potential tie up had queries regarding the framework we follow, in response to which two epic size mails got exchanged which becomes the fodder for this blog.
Our only differentiator is our quotient with outcomes 
Domain/ Function: Training

Traditional Way

A] Trainers/ coaches/ facilitators conduct informational trainings on team building, trust building, negotiation skills, customer service, sales, decision making, technical skills, presentation skills - It is a standard laundry list that every training company has.
B] The modules are mostly one size fits all, designed without considering learner’s characteristics and individual needs
C] The trainings are module driven, certificate driven, score based and grade based.
D] The photographs of participants or the training event are uploaded in company's website and other social media channels for branding
Do you have any clue about impact of training on learner?

A] Being trained does not automatically build more capable workforce 
B] If learner is not driven by a purpose, learning cannot be quantified
C] The framework is learner centric and outcome driven.
D] The snapshot below is for a learner who is trying to establish online income working from home


A] BECKON Coach's deliverable is not the "function" - Training or Coaching
B] The deliverable will be client's business “outcomes” if they opt for premium pricing.

Available Gears

In other words we call this 4 quadrant pricing or Slab wise Pricing Model that depends upon the extent of support client expects from us:

A] No obligation chat
B] Recommendation
C] Execution
D] Outcomes

Alternate People Model: 

What We Want To Do

A] Enable our clients to map their talent pool, create ecosystems, and move towards cost effective gig-economy to hire need based expertise

B]  A virtual team who will support individuals, teams, startups, first time entrepreneurs and large corporation's learning curve while executing tasks and delivering outcomes

Financial gains of this People Model

A] No medical benefits
B] Retirement funds
C] Annual increments

Non-financial gains

D] Managing resources


After 11 years in one company across different functions and capacities - Quality to Training; Bid Management to Transition; Operations to Pre Sales - it was a natural process to venture out and do something so that I am excited even about Mondays.

The next big step as an experienced professional was to consciously seek exposure to a more diverse and exciting range of projects in my niche. How?
Function can be delivered by many - even amateurs, outcomes can be achieved only by few with expertise and intention.

BECKON Framework was designed to disrupt and go beyond catch phrases. The idea was to let numbers speak more than linear text, glowing testimonials and out of the world copy writing.

A] Our recruitment fairs attracted over 5000 applicants - How many hired?
B] We spend millions of dollars each year investing in our current and future workforce - What is the return?
C] Our company is proud to be awarded the best employer - Is that why the head count decreased from 45 K to 23 K?
D] We have a strong pipeline for next three quarters - What is the sales figure for the last quarter?

Simple:  Scope of Virtual Assistance

Web mining
Find leads
Marketing Analysis
Business Process Outsourcing
Proofread documents
Create and manage an affiliate program
Email promotion
Create follow-up sequences
Get reminders
Build your online presence
Business blogging
Travel planning
Design, write and mail a promotion
Get traffic to your website
Get estimates from contractors
Contact management

Complex:  Scope for niche skills

Business Plan
Social Media Management
Data Analytics
Search Engine Optimization
Website design 
Product development

There are many individuals and companies across geography ready to own these functions.

BECKON Coach steps in to own outcomes, not just the function and in the process captures learning involved
Here are a few examples.

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