Thursday 4 January 2018

Do Not Lose Your WIGs This Year

Sometimes multiple pursuits, many clients, shuffling between different industries to execute orders can eat up your bandwidth completely. You need to have some structure around what you are doing and why.

You most often miss that if you do not have the big picture in front of you - Your widely important goals

So just take the bull by its horns this year – Classify activity (whirlwind*) and productivity (Wildly Important Goals - WIGs*)

*Further Reading:
1] Covey’s 4 Disciplines of Execution


It is during one of the coaching sessions last week that I realized; many BECKON Aspirants were also facing the same issue – They do not seem to get results for what they are doing.

That is precisely the question: What are they doing?

a)   They are multi-tasking. Basically that divides your attention, single mindedness and focus
b)   They are trying to learn too many things casually
c)   They is an urgency to know more than to learn more
d)   There are some days, when they are doing nothing about their critical goals. Other days they are overdoing it.
e)   They are thinking and talking a lot about what they want to do however not doing much or completing anything


If I club the key ideas of the books** I read today it is easy to pin point exactly what is wrong with most of the activities that we do in a project

a)   They are not leading you to the desired outcome.
b)   You are taking much more time than it is required due to divided attention and distraction which makes you automatically conclude that it is time consuming project.

**Further Reading:
1] Getting things done by David Allen and
2] Zen to Done by Leo Babaota


Five basic things you need to remember to be more productive

1] Do one task at a time
2] Simplify goals
3] Avoid distractions
4] Focus on your MITs first (Most Important Tasks)
5] Build one habit at a time.
Tools, devices, gadgets and applications are facilitators to increase productivity

Evernote can make your life easy with a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly calendar to organize your life, however cannot do the work for you.

Twitter, Facebook, Pin interest, YouTube can brand you and your services however cannot bid, execute an order or close a deal for you

People tend to the easiest task first. That needs to change to build a habit, after all discipline is just doing something even if you do not like it.

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