Monday 1 January 2018

Looking Back At 2017

Let me just capture the highlights

We finally relocated

The plans were in progress for a couple of years. We finally moved from Bangalore to our home in Kolkata early this year. We still have to visit Bangalore at least twice a year to wrap up things we still have there.

Project leaders identified

Moving back to Kolkata was for a reason. I wanted to tie up with potential resources to give shape to a few pet projects. In the second half of the year, two BECKON Aspirants were identified to bring life to the following initiatives

While it has been initiated that two other resources from the virtual team will be engaged to support me to write white papers in 2018 along with pitching for new assignments in corporate world, however the blueprint of the strategy is not quite ready yet.

BECKON Aspirants

The target for the year was to engage a hundred minds to the BECKON Framework. I however succeed to personally share the idea and the opportunity to just over sixty people only, which triples my work this year to meet the numbers.

The books I read.

I read Paul Minor’s book summaries only.

1] Deep Work, by Cal New port
2] Tools of Titan by Tim Ferris
3] Essentialism by Greg McKeown
4] Liminal Thinking by Dave Gray
5] I had begun reading the full book for Hot Groups by Tom Peter
6] Today I finished, The Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins
7] The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen – This was paid reading for a client

Cumulative Count

Virtual team: Over ten members
Clients: Over 75
World domination: 6%
Industries covered: Energy (Biodiesel), Real Estate, Learning and Coaching, Mobile App, Retail, ICT (Information, Communication and Technology), Affiliate Marketing, Marine services, Hospitality, Food, Entertainment etc.

Readiness for next level

Pitch Deck for BECKON Software
Angel investors list

My lowest Budget travel

Arunachaleshwar in one day – INR 500/-

New Learning

I learnt all kinds of facial from a government institute in just one month and practiced my competence on my sister. I am ready for the world actually however for Indriyaah, I opted for experienced professionals.

Failed Attempts

Reaching Universities authorities through email blast to brand BECKON Framework – I realized I need to work on my copy writing as it did not evoke any response.

My morning routine is absolutely jeopardized. It is almost 3 AM now and this has been my sleeping time for the past few months. This has to change in 2018

Small Wins

I do short trips without a phone
My evening walks  
Towards minimalist lifestyle
My meditation time
Quality time with family, friends and relatives
I am trying different recipes - I am beginning to enjoy cooking.

Looking back is like a quick recap so that things are in perspective now - Do you have yours ready?

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