Wednesday 3 January 2018

You Are Already Rich By $10000 On The Third Day Of The Year.

Give this a quick thought.

- Your association
- Your team
- Your tribe
- Your hot groups

It all boils down to who you hang out with.

I hardly picked up any projects last year as the focus was to work with new learners, find resources to team up with for larger projects, multiple pursuits and be part of a process that can be sustainable. 

When you test frequencies, you actually waste your precious bandwidth on people

-      who are still on the lower edge of Maslow’s pyramid
-      who are easily distracted by consumerism and social media trends,
-      who prefer to talk about what they want to do in life, rather than do it
-      who have an excuse instead of a reason
-      who focus on what they cannot do instead of what they can
-      who prefer to spend their savings on materialism instead of investing on self-development

I have met people who are very excited about new projects however when there is a learning loop involved, you can see drastic change in attitude. I never quite understood how output or future achievements can change if input is the same.

-      No new learning
-      No new skills acquired
-      No new experience
-      No habit change
-      No reading
-      No ideas
-      No self-evaluation of what their goals and purpose of life is
-      No understanding about what they are capable of and their competence

If I conduct a seminar or a workshop today regarding work from home opportunities; online income; surveys; data entry jobs, telecommute options, remote assignments, laptop lifestyle – I will have the hall booked in a week’s time.

That is the first problem.

People invest roughly 25 years in education and then look for an income opportunity. How reasonable is it, in case of alternate income the expectation changes drastically when most participants look for immediate results, without efforts.

The following is definitely not enough to quantify your personal outcomes

-      Attending the workshop – Free or paid
-      Buying the reading / coaching material – Free or paid
-      Attending coaching sessions – Free or paid
-      Talking about the pursuit in a variety of excited tones – to self and others
-      Following instructions
-      Planning to do
-      Preparing things to do lists.

Most pursuits that are aimed for monetary benefits alone most often, in a sense of desperation, die a pre-mature death.

The key factor missing is -"Action" leading to desired outcomes

The sad truth is they consider everything they do - including surfing face book, watching YouTube, a marathon phone call with a friend as - "Action"

Based on that, they even begin to expect results without investing time in learning, changing inputs, habits or practicing.

Case Study 1

In March last year, I receive a message from a friend who urgently wanted 4/5 slides formatted by our virtual team during a weekend.

After I agreed, I realized due to an ongoing festival, the virtual team will be busy with their families or travelling to their home town, so I personally executed that task considering the urgency.

-      A month or two later they needed a pitch deck for their company
-      Then fleshing up an outline with researched content for speaking assignment
-      Then came the need for another presentation
-      Some research and data entry work was also done by the virtual team

Case Study 2

In January last year, two of my contacts bought my booklet and then referred two of their friends.


Let us assume for illustration purpose the cost of these assignments is just $200

Now how many contacts do you have who are clueless about your skills and services who can be potential clients? They will thank you their whole life for your timely assistance during their crisis management.

That’s business and revenue waiting for you.

Quick Action

-      Check your social media currency
-      Even if 50 people require your services on an average for the same value $200 – you have $10000 to be tapped.

You probably love this idea and want to get started right away
You probably hate this idea and will be hunting for me for having proposed this.


Financial transactions and business with friends can be potentially dangerous – It may ruin relationships


If you take undue advantage of the their trust


If you think of their interest before you think of yours

So it all depends on you

Now read this blog all over again to get the key themes right

-      Learning
-  How will you change your inputs - skills, time, habits, association
-  Take action and practice

Just reading a blog will not get you started. You do not need a coach at this stage. You need a purpose, mind set and network.

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