Tuesday 16 January 2018

Make Your Own Lane: Be Useful; Be Resourceful

If you know by now - that your high scores, degrees, experience and skills that got you here is likely not going to take you there, where you want to be – you are reading the right blog.

I touched upon craftsman and passion mind set here

I have no idea what type you are however what I know for sure is you have had some education. 

Education, Knowledge and Learning - Google these words to read their definitions because it is only then you will know

a) Being educated does not mean you are knowledgeable
b) Having the knowledge does not mean you have learning
c) If you know something and not using that knowledge for personal or greater good, what does that knowledge mean to you?

When you are learning something new there is seriously no need to drown in the details initially. If you get the fundamentals right, you will not do activities mechanically – you will think, evaluate and then apply

You should avoid these three R

Rush:          An inexplicable urgency to complete what you are learning

Revise:       Knowing absolutely well, if you did not get the output right after your learning for the first time, you can always revise

React:         Just to prove that you did learn, you begin to defend your work

You should instead adopt these three R

Respond:    Think before you comment. To think, you should be able to listen first.

Repeat:       Practice what you learn several times not to aim to be perfect but to make it a habit or your second nature. If you repeat mistakes, you will be good at it. If you repeat

Rationale – Logical thinking. Reason brings purpose to what you do and why you do

I know I am jumping topics and there is a reason I am doing that. This is what most adult learners do. In fact I did that the whole of last year in the name of learning.  

a)   Trying to learn something that is not relevant to my real work (which is as good as surfing through face book) – The topic I am trying to learn is great, interesting, hot, trending and I felt a sense of accomplishment after I gathered some idea about the subject. However it did not further the project I was working on. So, I can call it research in my calendar to keep track of my daily activities, but it was actually just taking a break.

b)   I wrote about WIGs here. Do you have your WIGs right? Is online income one of them

c)   What you learn for fun is fun – You are part of Whirlwind or daily grind 

d)   What you learn for work is work – You are working for your WIGs

If you lose sight of the purpose (Goals, say online income), the learning objectives are defeated, even without you knowing about.

If you miss your learning routine and road map even once, the power of habit is defeated 

To grow you brand, authority and income online you have to be useful, be resourceful.

If what you do for your client is not useful, your knowledge, education and learning hardly matters. It is just your vanity metrics
If you fail to follow client's instructions, the assignments have to be revised due to your comprehension issues, you are wasting client's time and bandwidth.

Go back to the three Rs above what you need to avoid and focus on the three Rs to adopt - to make the most of what you know and what you learn 

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