Wednesday 13 August 2014

Are You New To Paid Online Writing?

‘Content is king’ sounds cliché somehow that is the buzzword of the era. You have a flair for writing, even if it is standard diary entries and you thoroughly enjoy the exercise. Then you probably can assist others find something of value in those scribbles. The standard diary bit was an exaggeration to encourage you. When you write about subjects that can provide useful information to thousands who read that, you could as well be paid for it. Here are just a few acronyms that you will need to know before venturing out in this field and submitting a writing sample

MLA/ APA etc – Most writing portals want to know if you are acquainted with different styles of writing and include a few questions to test your understanding on these. This is mandatory for research-based articles to address citation, sources, references, notes, bibliography etc. It is always advisable to refer a reliable source each time you attempt to write with these mandates.

SEO – It is not enough to know its full form and understand how keywords work. Developing the skill to write such articles, which has a count, rule and a desired impact is an art that comes more with practice and less with knowledge. You cannot over do or under do while attempting SEO article and yet should be able to draw traffic.

POV – First person point of view entries are discouraged and your writing sample is likely to be declined. It works to maintain a neutral tone or stick to “You” just the way I am doing it here.

PLR –The stack of articles that you write on a specific subject, which is within your scope of expertise and comfort zone with your Private Label Rights on them, can be purchased and reused by those who need it.

An aspiring author or thought leaders or even work from home moms in their freelancing journey find writing as a decent outlet for all their ideas and experience drawn over the years. Are you ready to try the BECKON Questionnaire to find out if you can really write? BECKON Consultant will review your initial drafts and share neutral perspectives and tips to improve, guide you till the outcome is achieved.

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