Tuesday 25 November 2014

Are Your Thoughts Out For A Stroll Again?

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‘Show me your friends and I will tell you what you are’ – There is still a whole amount of truth in that line. Just that we dwell in the digital era, where galaxies of information are transmitted in a matter of seconds. Who do you think has the patience to check your friends - their class and contacts, sense and standards, manners and motives to get an idea about you? Is that not being judgmental, about you and your friends? I can see you nodding.

So here is the new version – ‘Show me your room and I will tell you how your mind works’. Just observe people who really do not know how to handle and take care of things properly - they are most often the ones with a lost look. They probably either do not deserve the material things or they have no value for those - the existence of those things in their life is a definite waste of precious resource. I can’t see you nodding anymore. Fair enough I will stop being philosophical here. Let us give this whole thing a more logical explanation.

Your room may look neat and tidy. That is you, trying to impress the world - Your cupboard and your chest of drawers is a different scene altogether. Nothing is arranged, everything is in a total mess – How do you think your mind works then, with your little ideas? Your thoughts and ideas will obviously lie in the same state just like your things as you are habitually not trained to have things in order – inside (Mind) or outside (Material) and both get tossed around without care, without focus.

The room only hints at your superficial need to look proper on the outside and the more chaos in those drawers, the worse is your mental or cerebral confusion. Do not try to test this. There is really no exception. Two contradictory thoughts, or impossible sequence of ideas play in your mind, as do your things here and there in your room.

Your sense of order need not necessarily match those of others. What seems like chaos to me might make perfect sense for you as you have organized things and thoughts that way. I might try to look for a Linda Goodman’s book in your library against the alphabet “L” and think you are disorganized however you have listed it under “A” for Astrology.

The point is not that just an untidy room hints at a disorganized mind - Let me make it even easy for you – Show me your writing table, show me your rough pad, show me your desk, show me your workstation – I will tell you how your mind works. Now imagine an organization with leaders, middle managers, 50% resources who fail to keep things and thoughts in order everyday – where will this lead to? It is any day easier to keep in order when things are few, ideas are few to ensure effective action, implementation and results.

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