Sunday 29 March 2015

When Will You Conclude That Your Training Need Analysis Is Complete?

You can ask a few fundamental questions first before you begin the analysis:

  1. Whose training needs are you trying to identify?
  2. Is it the training scope for an individual, business or organization?
  3. Is it technical, behavioral, product, leadership training?
  4. What are the learning outcomes that business is trying to achieve through training?
  5. Who will sign off the training content prior to roll out?
  6. Have you identified stakeholders who will measure training effectiveness?
  7. Have you taken a call on the time frame or the measurement cycle period?
  8. Does the learner know regarding knowledge gap or skill needed or training scope?
  9. Who will deliver the training - Internal team or external training consultants from professional training companies?
  10. How will you deliver the training - in a class room or webex?
  11. Have you identified the business leaders you will talk to get an understanding about training needs?
There is no particular order however when you run these questions in your mind before a training analysis, it will be increasingly evident to you that you have to adopt a target based strategy to conclude the analysis. In short it means,

  1. You have to validate the training need from different stakeholders
  2. You have to list all the business outcomes the training will impact
  3. You have to identify a leader who will own assessment after the training.
You therefore cannot conclude your training need analysis as complete unless you have the answers and a definite approach to address these three questions. 

When you validate training needs in such depth, the content design has to fall into place to suit that need so that immediately after the training a high level measurement process can be initiated.

If the training need is not properly assessed, the content and module can be highly misleading that can bring altogether different results and not the desired outcomes.

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