Sunday 4 June 2017

Learning: The Buzz Around Up-skill, Re-skill, Re-train Today.. Now!

The crisis

Cutting jobs
 Mass layoff

The captions

Digital services
Global economy
Machine learning
Robot process automation
Skills not relevant
Artificial Intelligence

The consequence

Jobs at stake
Deferred salary hike
Voluntary retirement scheme for senior employees

The cover up

Employee's poor performance as per industry standards 
Company norms.

The case

Is it relevant only to IT sector?
Will this die down soon?
If you belong to any other sector/ industry - Retail, manufacturing or pharmaceuticals, is that a safe zone without skill enhancement?

Example, if you are social media manager of a company, is it okay to remain with your current skills for tomorrow?

Even if the buzz around the layoffs that have hit the IT sector in India dies down, the need is pretty obvious. To stay relevant, you have to work on your self, your skills, your personal growth - with or without the triggers that make news.

A 34 year old mother with two toddlers had received her Master’s degree in computer application in the year 2007. She has lost confidence in the subjects and she never even bothered to create an email ID for herself. A few months back. in an attempt to establish income online, she created email ID, SKYPE ID, profiles in freelancing portals, did a short project in Real Estate sector by researching target audience for a Nevada client and created a Facebook page for her embroidery craft. She did not have a monitor initially and managed to learn on her mobile.

Why do I need to mention this? It is not about what your qualifications are, it is about what you are willing to do proactively to acquire new learning, new skills, take infant steps to chase a purpose and not as a reaction to an emerging situation.
Are you driven by purpose or by circumstances?

The Conclusion

AI has direct impact on jobs. Based on adult learning theory (Constructivist) I would like to research how one (without any external dependence on coaches) can build on their existing knowledge to grasp new concepts in a meaningful way and achieve desired outcomes that is measurable/ quantifiable.

By the time BOTS get their jobs, the affected lot evolves as better thinking beings with better skills and capability, future ready for better projects that is beyond the capacity of BOTS or the like

You learn in phases, learn for results and learn with awareness.

If there is any buzz that you got to follow, it is buzz within - that you need to learn, pick a new skill, get ahead in the learning life cycle and a little closer to outcomes that you desire.

This article here in Harvard Business Review tells why people should have two careers

People from different walks of life, with different levels of academic qualifications are switching careers or looking to start up something that they can do not only for extra income but also to give a platform to a latent skill.

A skill that did not find prominence in their corporate career - their love for art, or their ability to click a shot, or the resonating voice they have. Many want to sell those little skills they have as services and they do not have much clarity how to begin. They are more than open to acquire this new skill to work for clients independently without a title or the backup of a company.

The Beginner's Guide is primarily to address their concerns and get them started.

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