Wednesday 14 February 2018

Make Your Own Lane: You Have Many Skills. Yet, You Are Still Without Clients/ Work

I know that can be really confusing.
You know you have many skills. In fact you have those skills that are very much in demand today. You were good in your previous job due to those skills. You were promoted, appreciated, recognized for those very skills. Ideally, deep inside your heart you believe - you should be an asset for the company/ client who hires you.
Only after you speak to the interviewer (HR or business or prospect) you feel a sense of inadequacy.
You answered them well. You have a gut feeling you could not make it even before you get the actual rejection.
I faced a similar situation a few years back. I did not understand it back then
I was perfect for the role. I fit the bill. My interview went well. Yet I was not hired.
The only time I found the interviewer rubbing his chin was when I said apart from my primary role as a Transition Manager, I also facilitate leadership training when L&D team sends me an invitation. I tremendously enjoy that experience nurturing young leaders.
**My reason to add that bit of trivia was if sales team cannot win deals and I do not have client business in the pipeline to migrate to our premises, I am likely to tie up with your training team too. The subtle message was – Don’t you dare give me anything else (Just kidding!)**
The interviewer actually muttered – Transition and training are very different skill sets.
Now the following piece is for those who are reading this blog
I wrote books
I managed teams, operations and businesses
I invested in real estate after thorough research and negotiation
I sold electronic type writers, printers, photo copiers, dress material, books
All that I underlined here are skills.
Probable conclusions the interviewer must have made:
Jack of all trades, master of noneNot focusedNot passionate about transitionPossible threat who can quit anytimeShe just might permanently move to L&D
Your value in the job market is determined by the skills you have - provided you know how to highlight them keeping your target audience in view.
You have many skills and no income - That will be a thing of the past soon.
The good news is - that perception is changing and it is changing fast.
When mindsets, HR algorithms, distorted perspectives, prevailing trends can ruin your career - do not make that the reality of your life.
If you know how to trade your skills to multiple entities, where to trade them and most importantly, who would you trade your skills to - you will know your true worth.
Your multi-potentiality should be tapped
You have hybrid skill set
You are a whole brainer. Yes you can work on a Mathematics problems and your can write poetry. 
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Styles of communication
There is a way the leaders (Interviewer) of the whole industry perceive a certain statement – their exposure, their environment and their education system builds that faith -That is not in your control.
What is in your control is how you communicate – as you pitch your multiple skills, just add the benefits - What is in for them.

I did not know it back then. Now I do.
It is a wide range of skills that get me repeat clients today - Research, Business planning, one on one coaching, website content development, virtual assistance with social media strategy - Each one of these are skills I offer as service. 
If there is a particular skill that a client wants and I do not have, I quickly check who in my virtual team can support me on that. 
(The virtual team is trained through a booklet and SKYPE session how to cater to global clients either independently on their own or by engaging with my projects. This arrangement will soon see day light as a soft ware)
Meanwhile, keep honing your skills. Join BECKON Learning Community for peer support.

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