Tuesday 6 March 2018

Is A Degree In Psychology The New MBA?

I am an orange picker in a rural farm every morning. Rest of the day, I work as a quality analyst in a IT firm
I am a stand-up comedian and I also write White Papers on Technology

I have covered topics like being multi potential, having hybrid skills set, in my earlier blogs. So where are these examples leading to?
Frankly work today is dynamic and disruptive. It can also be tiring with the constant flow of mail and messages across all the gadgets that you use at work and home. Add to it the familiarity of meetings,  lunches,  dinners, travel - the cost you pay to grow up the ladder.
The basic barriers between work and life is blurred now with a dozen addiction - checking our phones a millions times every day, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, SKYPE and you know the list.
This is a huge challenge because these factors trigger a whole new range of issues - stress, anxiety, attention deficiency affecting decision making ability and impact people's well being.
Today there are books that advise you against multi tasking - pay full attention to what you have in hand first to be more effective. You have videos to manage your lives better, workshops to focus on intrinsic value and tons of YouTube videos and blogs on health, meditation and lifestyle.
Your tired and over whelmed mind looks for opportunities to wander. The huge growing need for travel is more to escape the known environment and routine than explore new horizons.
What if you had a chance to wake up in the morning, dying to open your laptop and get started with your current project, regardless of whether you will get paid or not?

Is it possible?

If  you have a sense of purpose. a higher goal, it is definitely possible
If you know "Why" you do "What" you do

It largely depends on where you are today in Maslow's Hierarchy of needs - Is it the slab for self esteem or self actualization in Maslow's pyramid? Figure that first.

Japanese believe everyone has an IKIGAI - Your reason for being

IKIGAI is the convergence of these four critical components.

What you Love (Your passion)
What the World Needs (Your mission)
What you are Good at (Your vocation)
What you get Paid for (Your Profession) 

The center point of these four is what makes your life meaningful, valuable and worthwhile.

That is the reason to get up from bed in the morning.

Even at the darkest and lowest point of your life, if we continue moving ahead with a purpose and laser sharp focus on your goal, we experience IKIGAI, absolutely indifferent about what the world expects from us. It is our fundamental connect to life that lets financial and economic status be far behind mental and spiritual state of mind.

What is your purpose?

Be driven by Consumerism or Minimalism
Be Goal Based or Soul based
Be inclined towards Extrinsic or Intrinsic values
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With so much emphasis on human well being, their lifestyle choices, better career moves aligned to their talent, performance pressure, staying relevant, mental health isn't it obvious that business takes a back seat and Psychology/ Neuroscience actually takes over?

The world is full of MBAs. However business now can be secondary. What should be our primary focus is the people who run businesses.

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