Saturday 25 July 2015

Few courses you can attend for fun if you have money and time to waste

These are a few random words I picked from training modules, blog; hear say, conversations, arguments, group discussions and websites.
Appearance Management: Be fashion conscious, look polished, reflect confidence
(Remember the famous line - Light travels faster than sounds. This is why some people appear bright till they open their mouth)
Personal Grooming: Looking good improves self-confidence; a well groomed person gets more attention.
(Try the other way round, trust me you will still get attention. Grabbing attention is not the whole point - can you engage minds?)
Image Consulting: Image makeover, the hair do, the color combination, the accessories, the trend.
(When is the next fancy dress competition? Choices can be supplied externally; developing that poise is a matter of learning)
Attire Management: Make conversations stop and heads turn. A well-dressed person evokes such reactions from people.
(Do you really need to be fed on this dress code jazz or can I trust your intelligence to know better than what I write here?)
Body Language: You are aggressive if you lean forward
(Another book says, you are interested if you lean forward – I still lean forward when I talk and risk the move either ways, trying to conjure which book the person across the table has read)
Dining Etiquette: Know cutlery, tip graciously, remember the sequence, small conversations and dozen things.
(Forget all about enjoying the food and feeling the warmth of people around you)
If you still have money to waste, you should try this
Charisma Consulting: X factor, Oomph quotient, the raw element
(I am not sure if I could spell it right)
Now let us switch to another example. If you grow your own veggies at home, would you nurture them from seed to sapling or just color the products? If you think coloring vegetables to fit expectations is not the right thing to do, how can that be right with people?

My blogs here are mostly like my short stories, I leave the climax for my readers to guess. What is your take away from this write? Share your comments.

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