Sunday 19 July 2015

How to successfully use blended learning?

What is this blended learning anyway?
Is the combination of Brick and Mortar (classroom) and online (computer) learning called blended learning? The term “blended” or “hybrid” is mainly technology mediated or web enhanced instruction mixed with other approaches. Limiting the concept of “blend” only to a mix of human and technology channels in learning does not justify the huge potential blended learning has to offer.
You read 65 words already.
Did you ever understand the mystery of number 7?

LinkedIn users supply articles with the mysterious number seven in tons
  • 7 Productivity tools ...
  • 7 social media trends...
  • 7 Steps to selecting the best ....

In the world obsessed with seven, here is one man that talks about 8 secrets - Just 3 minutes watch it.

You read something and then you watch something – Does the blended concept apply here where you use two modes to know about something new? 
What did you learn?
  • A new dimension of blended learning that suits you
  •  8 secrets which you already knew
  •  How someone can manipulate you to learn without you knowing that you are learning

Now does that conclude your learning? Your knowing is complete. Your learning has just started and can be considered complete only when you make something of it, you have not made so far - Outcomes

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