Friday 17 July 2015

How Important Is Motivation In Learning?

Nine out of ten companies and online resources that promise you an alternative career or secondary income has more or less the same points to make. Pick up any e-book, attend any seminar, listen to a podcast, watch any YouTube – the content revolves around these.

·         You pay bills
·         Save for retirement
·         Plan your vacation
·         Have perfect work life balance
·         Time to spare
·         No boss around
·         No pressure on deadlines
·         No layoff
·         Royalty and bonus
·         More family time
·         No money worries
·         Work from  home
·         Take a break when you want
·         Early retirement
·         Live the rich life - buy a yatch or cruise.

From here it gets worse,

·         Easy steps
·         Amazing freebies
·         Brilliant opportunities
·         That never ending “Just for today” offer
·         The money back guarantee

By now, you are ready to click that button, pay the site whatever amount it demands and get started. Did you get a chance to think about anything new that you have not thought of before?

What you do not realize is this draft is crafted based on years of observation how people respond to specific thoughts and are based on predictable patterns in motivation.

Ask yourself, why the whole world is selling you middle-class dream! Why are they not letting you think beyond what you normally think? That is because these are the easiest to sell as an immediate solution, and most people fall for it.

I have absolutely nothing against programs that teach you how to make money. Just that they sell you reasons that are myopic in nature and will not compel you to open new ways of thinking or sustain your motivation level long term.

Don’t you deserve to learn more about how exactly money works?

·         How to be financially literate first?
·         How to make money work for you?
·         How your money can generate jobs for people?
·         How to fill a huge gap in the world and make life easier?
·         How you can impact community by earning a lot?

These are the tough ones to sell as they demand outcomes beyond just money. If you begin to learn  to make money with the objective to deliver these results, your learning and also your motivation to learn is likely to last longer. What is your motivation to learn is your choice, not what is being sold to you by a dozen dream sellers.

Listen to the needs Tony talks about here - mainly the last two! 

The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which to burn

Zig Zagler

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