Saturday 11 July 2015

How Often Do You Microlearn?

Microlearning is an emergent learning strategy and most learners who actually micro- learns are not even aware how they quickly close skill and knowledge gaps by doing certain things on a daily basis, purely out of habit:

  •  Watch an inspirational video of Ted talk league
  •  Read an informative article loaded with journal links for further reading
  •  Take a lesson from a free webinar
  •  Explore technologies and resources available to gather new insights
  •  Return to a forum for update on subjects that is within their scope of interest

If you are familiar with Robert Kiyosaki, you will know his rich dad’s million dollar advice – Do not work for money, let money work for you.

How many of you have similar one liner’s that open a small pocket in some section of your brain and get you thinking? How often do you like, share or comment on inspiring quotes in social media channels? Though by definition this is not really microlearning but in a powerful way you do learn something you were not aware of, that significantly impacts your thoughts, actions and outcomes.

I had micro learnt quite a few things – simple to complex - and even encourage people who are looking for an alternative living scope through our Foundation.

  • How to create blogspot?
  • How to publish an e-book?
  • How to build a storyboard with characters?
  • How to volunteer for community at least once every week?
  • How to run an open library?
  • How to educate people online who are founders of startups?
  • How to prepare business plans and financial projections for seed funds?
  • How to market content for soft selling?
  • How to deliver a critical website review?
  • How to coach for outcomes and not for testimonials?
  • How to freelance for your hobbies?
  • How to build and use a learning framework in a world of modules?

Regardless of whether Micro learning is structured or informal, these sessions are mostly short, without a specific duration, they focus on a particular topic or idea, say setting up blog account, a presentation, game or video and inputs to learn can be sourced from free online resource available in abundance.

What is Micro learning?

The popular idea in the industry is Micro learning is an informal self-paced and self-directed learning experience evolving from one’s personal need and learning environment. The other version is it is mostly part of a bigger learning outcome, sized in pieces as brief learning experiences primarily for better results, effective learning to meet another larger learning goal.

Did you micro learn anything new today?

I learnt about wholeheartedness, vulnerability and worthiness today

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