Wednesday 15 July 2015

How Effective Is Mobile Learning?

If learning happens when the learner is not in a fixed location, and is not limited to a fixed duration for knowing new concepts and skills, giving him the opportunity to learn anywhere and anytime through his mobile, it is called M-Learning.

Any kind of knowledge meant for education or learning over internet is labeled E-Learning. M-Learning is just an extension of E-learning in many ways – where distance between source of knowledge and learner does not matter and there is no need to stay wired.

Primarily the ability to use mobile devices to support training, teaching and learning is M-Learning.

Top few differences between the two are:

·         E-Learning is a lot of text and M-Learning is more voice
·         E-Learning communication is more time consuming than M-Learning
·         E-Learning is scheduled with dedicated time and M-Learning is self-paced according to the learner.
·         The grading in E-Learning is industry bench marked and M-Learning is connected to improvement and overall performance.
·         E-Learning exposes learner to business simulations while M-Learning is inclined towards real life cases, and more effective learning.

The use of mobile features for learning activity has made learning a whole new and different experience. It not only improves literacy and participation in learning initiatives, it is more learner friendly concept.

It has the ease of reading a book and yet facilitated more real time learning than possibly any other medium.

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